Would YOU Prospect in LAUNDRY ROOMS like Hillary is Doing?

Hillary in Las Vegas Laundry Room
Hillary Clinton recently told Vogue Magazine “… I’m not so good at really promoting myself. I just find it hard to do.” And yet, she’s doing something many entrepreneurs and business owners never think of doing. Unlike many of us who step over dollars to win pennies, she’s doing something brilliant by stepping into a Las Vegas casino laundry room to speak to the workers. The vote of a laundry worker at a casino is worth just as much as the vote of an affluent lawyer. A vote is a vote is a vote.

What’s brilliant is leaving no stone unturned, looking in the most unlikely places for votes, fishing where others aren’t fishing.

One of the biggest turnoffs for me at business conferences is seeing a spread of business cards sitting in the water on the ladies room counter. Yuck! I always wonder who thinks that is a good marketing strategy.

But connecting with people that no one else is reaching out to and reaching out to them where they already are–good strategy, no?

AND, I’m guessing, that it’s a lot easier to win over a room full of women working in the laundry room, just by coming in and acknowledging them, talking to them, asking them about their challenges, than it is to win over ONE measly town hall attendee who is scrutinizing all the candidates.

One of my favorite marketers, Dan Kennedy, teaches Place Strategy, the strategy of selling stuff in unusual locations where you’re the only game in town, like a jeweller hucking diamond necklaces at a luxury car show, so the millionaire buying a Ferrari can pick up a pair of emerald earrings to distract his partner from the fact that he came home with an extra unneeded set of wheels. It’s how Disney gets $200 for a ball that you can buy at Toys R Us for $39 or less.

Hillary is probably going to be the only visitor these women working at Caesar’s Palace will gett in the laundry room. She may walk away with a bunch of votes for the Nevada Primary from people (and their families) that no one else is reaching out to in this way.

How can WE apply this strategy to our businesses?

Where is there a pool of prospects that YOU are ignoring?

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