When you SPEAK, is your OPENING LINE as good as Jerry Seinfeld’s?

Do YOU have a great OPENING LINE whenever you open your mouth in public?

In this video, Jerry spends 5 minutes explaining how he crafts a joke, but it’s worth paying attention to his opening line. (NOT off the cuff, I can assure you!)

“I know you think people are going to be interested in this, but they’re not.”

The timing, the pause, the opening credits before and after the line, brilliant.
NO ONE is going to stop listening at that point.

Whenever you open your mouth in public, you gotta have a way of grabbing their attention from the second you get on stage. For me, it’s not WHAT I say, but how I say the opening line that breaks through the clutter, gets me my first laugh, and keeps them in the palm of my hand for the next 45 minutes. I won’t give it away here in case you haven’t yet seen me speak live before. And also, ’cause this post is not about me. It’s about YOU!

So, do you have a killer opening line that instantly grabs your audience?

I can tell you what it’s NOT.

It’s not: “Hi, I’m Joe Speaker and I’m so happy to be here today to talk to you about…[Insert boring topic here.]”

And it’s not: “So glad that so many of you braved the weather to be with us today. I promise it’ll be worth it.” [Really? You lost me already!]

And it’s not: “Today, I’m going to share with 7 proven ways to increase your business.”[Yawn!]

So, how do YOU open your speeches?

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[Mucho Thanks to D3 for sharing this Seinfeld video with me!]

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