Sweet Jesus! Was Oscar Wilde right about publicity?

So, I’m walking down Bloor Street in Toronto headed to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants when I see an ice cream parlour called–what? Sweet Jesus. What’s that got to do with ice cream?

Didn’t give it much thought till I saw a post by Jeremy Miller, author of Sticky Branding on LI saying there had been a big backlash so did a bit more investigation. Reminded me a bit of the Big Ass Fans story, only kicked up a notch since it seems to be crossing a religious red line.

The CBC in Toronto has a story about Christians boycotting the chain.

Didn’t bother me much but I do recognize that there are lines that are best not crossed.

To me, a Soup Nazi Deli would be obscene.Seinfeld had quite a hit with that character on his hit show, so much so that people are calling themselves Fitness Nazi etc. Not a word to be tossed about.

So, what do you think?

Does a Sweet Jesus ice cream parlour offend?

Was Oscar Wilde right, all publicity is good publicity?

Should they keep the name anyway, if nothing else, for the attention it is getting them?

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