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We currently have 3 Spotlight Programs available with the 4th coming soon. Contact to discuss which one you qualify for. (Include your phone number.)

NEW! Our newest program (Tsufit’s eagerly anticipated first LIVE program in 6 years) will launch in early 2018. Email and ask to get on the Advance Notification List. (This will be a limited size intimate small group program conducted by teleconference so you can participate from any part of the world.)

1. Spotlight 101 is an online self-study program. If you have any questions or to see if this program is right for you, send an email to It’s a 10 week program to show YOU how you can finally get seen, get heard, get noticed and get known as an expert, guru or star!

2. Step Into The Spotlight’s The Book Creation Workshop is a 10 week online self study program (recorded live with a group of entrepreneurs & professionals) featuring Audios, Play Sheets and Transcripts that will take you by the hand to write YOUR book, one that will position you as an expert in your field. Register NOW at

3. 30 Seconds in the Spotlight! is a 4 week online self-study program leading you to figure out what to say to attract new clients in just 30 seconds.

All Spotlight Programs listed above are supported by Tsufit’s separate monthly small group live coaching program The Spotlight Circle, which is only available to current participants or alumnae of Tsufit’s training programs listed above. (This is conducted once a month live by teleconference so you can participate from anywhere in the world. Separate monthly fee to participate.)

To make sure you get notice of any future programs, enter your name and email in the boxes on the right of this page (under the image of the book) You’ll get some fabulous free marketing tips now and get notified when the program is available.

See YOU in the Spotlight!


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