Should you ever MOCK yourself the way Sean Spicer did at the Emmys last night?

Check it out above. Did you see it live? Celebs appeared more shocked than over 40 years ago when a streaker ran naked across the stage at the Academy Awards. Jaw-dropping!!! Spicer came out with a podium and hilariously mimicked his Crowd Size rant that caused all the controversy after the Jan 20th inauguration.

On the one hand, some say he humanized himself after ranting at journalists in the White House Press Briefing Room for months. On the other hand, did this undermine what was left of his credibility? Or did it re-establish it?

As speakers, experts, people in the public eye, should we ever tease ourselves in the way that Sean Spicer did last night?

Would you do it?

Have you ever done anything like this?

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