Who IS This Guy?

It’s pretty likely you’ve seen this guy in a movie.
It’s pretty likely you’ve seen this guy in TONS of movies.
His face is SO familiar, isn’t it?
But I’ll bet you don’t know his name.
What is the value of NAME recognition?
I saw him in Bus Stop (with Marilyn Monroe) on DVD the other night.
He was in Follow That Dream with Elvis.

He’s been in zillions of TV shows.
And I can pretty much guarantee that (almost) nobody knows his name.
Yes, it’s important to have a recognizable face.
But it’s also important to have a recognizable NAME, no?
As entrepreneurs & experts, if people haven’t heard of us, if they don’t know our NAME, how can they find us to hire us?
Are YOU spending enough time making sure that YOUR name gets out there?
OK, Arthur O’Connell.
That’s his name.
So, 2 Questions for you:
1) Did YOU know his name before I revealed it?
2) What are you going to do this year to increase YOUR name recognition?

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How to Sell 50 Cents Worth of Candy for 4 Bucks!

So, I’m in a pharmacy today and on my way to pay for my stamp, I notice a metal tin of Hangover Helper Mints for 4 bucks. Genius.


Note the Narrow Positioning: For Hangovers
Note the Tagline: “Eliminates Ass Mouth”
Note the Logo: Some guy puking into the toilet.
Note the Name Similar to a well known product name: Hamburger Helper
Note the Ingredient: Extra Strength Peppermints.
Holy Price Elasticity, Batman!

Tsufit is the author of the wildly popular award winning book, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed
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SNL decides it’s no laughing matter: No punchline after Trump Win

No laughing matter. After months of mocking the presidential candidates, SNL opened last night like this:

Also a fitting tribute to the passing this week of Leonard Cohen.

We have a saying in Peebles…

peeblesWe have a saying in Peebles…

In Step Into The Spotlight!, I shared that it’s key to have a signature saying. Something that people identify with you and only you.

Like when Chef Emeril Lagasse says “Bam!”
Or when Jeff Probst of Survivor says “The Tribe Has Spoken.”

So, last night, I’m watching an episode of the BBC drama The Paradise (based on book by Emile Zola).

A shop-girl, Denise, is vying to become Head of Ladies Wear. A prestigious position.

Her friend, Sam, tells her, in order to stand out over the 3 other short list candidates, she needs a signature saying.

I guess he read my book.

He runs through a list of lame suggestions until he comes up with the perfect one.

She’s from a small town called Peebles. Sam suggests that whenever she wants to share her own philosophy about anything, she simply says:

“We have a saying in Peebles…” and then spouts out whatever she wants to say, adding weight to what she’s saying.

She uses the line in her interview. She gets the job.
“We have a saying in Peebles…” Helped her stand out.

So, what’s YOUR signature saying?

See you in the spotlight!


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Are You “Entering the Conversation Going on in the Prospect’s Mind” like LetGo is?

Saw this fabulous TV commercial last night. Made me actually LOL when the second woman shows up saying “I’m here about the sewing machine”.

First woman provides good example of Robert Collier’s “entering the conversation going on in the prospect’s mind”. In fact, I think the guy on her back riding tandem probably represents the conversation going on in the sewing machine owner’s mind.

Just when you think Kijiji and Craigslist have cornered the market previously occupied by the local Buy and Sell magazines, LetGo steps into the spotlight with this cool commercial showing how easy it is to let go of your stuff. There are more ads where this came from. This one has almost a million views online (and more on TV).

Will it work? Sure got my attention.

Do you think this ad works? Why or why not?

Tsufit is the author of the popular award-winning book, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed. Grab Tsufit’s 11 free Spotlight Secrets series re how to stand out in just 30 seconds at www.SpotlightSecrets.com

Is topical Scotties ad or Bud Light commercial better at hooking into Presidential Election?

Is this topical Scotties ad effective? Yes or no? WHY? scotties_hillary3adonald
Is the recent Bud Light Party commercial (see below) a more effective tie-in with the election?

Ty Burrell Skewers Perfume Commercials in the Gain Laundry Detergent Spot

Brilliant spoof. This spot with Ty Burrell from Modern Family has attracted 15 million views & counting. It immediately reminds me of the “I can’t believe they pay me for this stuff” Chanel No 5 commercial featuring Brad Pitt
or the “seriously, people?” Matthew McConaughey commercial for Dolce & Gabbana.

Brilliant, no?

Have you seen any other commercials that mock the norm?

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