Another Step Into The Spotlight! Book Review–Bill Morgenstein’s The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn

You know that song, Dueling Banjos?
So, in my case, it was Dueling Books.

Just got off an international flight with the book I started before boarding the plane and this book from the top of the heap of mail that accumulated during my 3 weeks away. Read a chapter of one, then a chapter of The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn, another chapter of the first one, another chapter of the Crazy Life book until a winner emerged.

At first, I almost didn’t open it ’cause I generally only review business books and this appeared to be more of a memoir or autobiography. And it is that. But lots for those looking for business lessons as well. Lots of lessons about managing people. Like when he purposely left an imperfection for a fastidious boss to find.

Spent the day on the backyard deck in a reclining lawn chair eating fried zucchini, peanut butter and banana and devouring Bill Morgenstein’s book. Hated the references to his early date’s appearance but kept reading anyway ’cause this guy is fascinating. A mischievous kid to the end, we get to see this guy create trouble, escape trouble, rise in prominence and responsibility and success from escapades in Korea to travels around the world in the shoe business–it’s hard to figure out how the author fit so many adventures into one lifetime and he’s still at it. Don’t pick it up unless you’re prepared to neglect everything else on your schedule ’cause you won’t be able to stop till page 323.

Truly fascinating to get a long peek into the life of an extraordinary ordinary guy.

So, will the Jenner commercial ultimately HELP or HURT Pepsi?

We’ve all seen it. Old news.

Recently, saw an article with headline “Not everyone hated it”. So questions:
1) Did YOU hate it?
2) Will it hurt or help Pepsi. (After all, Oscar Wilde and all that. We’re talking about Pepsi.)

Author, Step Into The Spotlight!

Will THIS Provocative Heineken Commercial SELL Beer?

Will this provocative long form commercial sell beer or just win advertising awards?

6.5 million people have seen it on YouTube alone.
But will it make them reach for a Heineken?

What do you think?

Author, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed

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Still Don’t Believe That PRICES are ELASTIC?

One of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, talks about the concept of Price Elasticity, saying that at any given time, 20% of the population will pay for a luxury version of something.

Still don’t believe it?

Would you pay $2145 for an IKEA inspired handbag (on the left) like this one?

You can get the real thing (on the right) for 99 cents?

Back in the day, it used to be that cheap brands would knock off expensive brands, sending otherwise honest Moms to scour flea markets for knock offs of Coach purses for their tweens. (Been there, done that.)

Now looks like it’s the reverse–actually also nothing really that new, lots of high fashion knockoffs of what people are wearing “in the street”.

But the real lesson for entrepreneurs is that, as Dan says, “There’s a price for every person and a person for every price.”

Get your stuff out there. Know your audience. And don’t be afraid to experiment with just how elaaaaaaaaaaaaaaastic price can be!

Love to hear your stories of other examples of price elasticity.

Comment here or send them to

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Would YOU Trust a Girl Scout? Reviewing the Review of the Girl Scout Cookies

So, I was telling one of my favorite clients, (you’re all my favorites! LOL), the lovely Diane Koz, about Mike Rowe’s viral video about a Girl Scout reviewing Girl Scout Cookies as part of her sales pitch and we started laughing about how someone should review the reviewer. And that’s exactly what Diane did. She did her own review of the cookies. Enjoy!

By the way, Diane Koz does reviews of non-girl-scout related stuff as well, so add your suggestions for upcoming reviews in the comments below.

Disney Stickers on a Dole Banana? Is nothing sacred?

Is nothing sacred?
Can a person not eat a piece of fruit any more, without being marketed to?

Years ago, songwriter, Nancy White, lamented about the annoying task of having to deal with Stickers on Fruit in her album and song of the same name.

We’re used to that by now.

A grapefruit usually has a little bar code or number so the cashier knows how much to charge us.

And it tells us where the fruit is from in case we’re currently boycotting their California grapes or South African green apples.


Advertising on fruit?
We’re used to that too.

Taking a interchangeable commodity item (I wonder if they grow on the same trees) & branding it.

We’re supposed to believe that a Chiquita banana is VASTLY different than a Dole banana.
OK. Fine.

But get a look at what I found on my banana 2 minutes ago.

An advertisement for Disney’s Beauty & the Beast on a banana?
Seriously, folks?

OK, so we’ve gotten used to restaurant ads in public schools and night club restrooms.
But bananas? A pure, innocent, picked-from-nature banana?

So, why am I sharing this with you?

It got me thinking of the zillions of ways there are to reach other people’s audiences by riding along with their message.

We’ve seen how McDonald’s makes special cups and toys to coincide with releases of new movies.

The fulfillment house that sends out my program’s audio CDs allows us to pay to place our postcards in other people’s out-going packages.

It’s clear the opportunities are endless.

How can YOU ride along on someone else’s platform and reach that new audience?

Something to think about, no?

Comment below & let me know if you’ve ever done this OR if you’ve seen other great examples.

Ciao for now.

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Still not using HUMOR in your marketing?

Love this T-Mobile commercial!!!

Humor can make a point WAY better than teaching and preaching.

How can you do this in YOUR business?

Great way to put your competitors in their place without creating animosity of a full frontal attack.

Do YOU use humor in YOUR marketing?

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