Is bread make of out CRICKETS just a publicity play?

Would you bake CRICKETS into bread in order to stand out?

Just saw a news item about Loblaws (Canadian grocery store) selling flour made from crickets in its premium President’s Choice line.

That lead to a video of a Finnish bakery selling bread made from crickets. Do you think they’re doing it for the free publicity or really trying to offer protein filled bread?

I wonder if they’ll do public tasting events for more free press…

What do you think of this?

Is the new Jane Walker Scotch another Lady Doritos blunder?

Have you seen this? Jane Walker?

So, what do you think?

Is the Jane Walker version of Johnny Walker Scotch a smart tie in to Women’s History Month or another Lady Doritos blunder?

Word on the street (AdWeek) is that they were going to release it earlier, but didn’t when Hillary lost the Oval O.

As a woman, I can tell you, one thing I can’t stand is “marketing to women”.

But maybe, this isn’t that? Do you buy the explanation given by the company? (Click link above for Elle article.)

Would you handle a PR crisis as well as KFC did?

So, KFC, formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken, sells chicken.

But you can’t fry what you don’t have.

Sounds far fetched, I know, but KFC ran out of chicken.

Customers? Not happy.

What’s a Colonel to do?

So, they took their initials, KFC, rearranged the order and put out this provocative ad.

Along with an apology.

Did it work?

What do YOU think?

How would YOU have handled this situation if you were the head hancho over at KFC?

How would you handle a similar situation in YOUR business?

Big thanks to Melonie Dodaro for the heads up on this one! And to the great Inc. article by Robbie Abed

Wondering whom to follow online? Check out these 2 lists…

Two of the folks I’ve met online, Josh Steimle and Melonie Dodaro have recently posted great lists to get you started.

Check out Josh Steimle’s Top 50 Marketing Writers List and Melonie’s post about whom to follow in the blogging, podcasting and YouTube space.

These lists include some of MY favorites to follow, folks like Ryan Deiss, Al Ries, David Meerman Scott, Jeff Walker, etc.

Me, I’d add to these lists, Dan Kennedy (he doesn’t hang out online, but people post his stuff and worth it), Robert Cialdini, Martin Lindstrom, Dan Ariely and so many more!

Let me know who your favorite folks to follow online are!

Looking forward to seeing YOU in the spotlight!

Author, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed

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Have you seen the new Maclean’s magazine covers where men pay more? Will they work?

Saw one of these magazines in Shopper’s Drug Mart in Canada today. Looked behind it and there was a “women’s version”. So, what do you think? Will this sell more magazines? Social impact, pay equity, I know. But ultimately, aren’t these stunts about selling more magazines?

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Would you buy CRANKY Chocolate?

So, I’m in Walmart an hour ago, checking out when I see an IRRITATED Snickers bar. And then a CRANKY one. A REBELLIOUS one. A SLEEPY one. Didn’t have a camera so came home and googled it only to find that there are 21 varieties. Holy Differentiation, Batman!

Snickers has come out with a new line of Snickers bars asking “Who are you when you’re hungry?”

Are you Whiny? Or Cranky? Or Sarcastic?

It’s the same bar inside but the packaging just might get you to grab the bar that matches your mood.

Marketing genius, no?

It’s what Seth Godin might call remarkable.

Why? ‘Cause it makes you want to remark on it.

How can you incorporate this idea into YOUR business?

Have you seen other examples of this in the marketplace?

Comment below.


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