LEADER or FOLLOWER? Which DOOR Would YOU Choose?

Dove has done it again, made us think, with a compelling new experiment and video which bolsters its “Campaign for Real Beauty”. Brilliant strategy–associating a product or company with an empowering feeling.

A great reminder that as entrepreneurs, we must lead MOVEMENTS!

What movement are YOU leading?

If the 2 doors said LEADER and FOLLOWER, which door would YOU choose?

Will this video affect buying behaviour?

Maybe. What I loved is the reminder that, like DOVE, its important to associate ourselves with a feeling, an emotion. Despite the contradictions inherent in a company like Unilver launching a Campaign for Real Beauty when some of their other products (Slimfast and Axe) are about something entirely different, I’m confident that this campaign will resonate with its target audience.

It might not make me throw my 4 daughters in the van to rush to Walmart to buy a caseload of Dove, but it might make me smile when I see the product on the shelf and that’s a smile more than Irish Spring has ever received from me.

I’m still going to buy IVORY soap (hard to beat 99 44/100th percent pure–hope that copywriter’s estate is still getting residual cheques on that one) but I’m confident it will influence the buying behaviour of some of its market. What do the rest of you think?

Nod to John Campbell for bringing this video to my attention!

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