Have you seen this Fact-Checker song spoof re truth in the Trump era?

Have you seen this Randy Rainbow video parody on Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and the Trump administration?

Heard this on CBC, Canada’s national radio station, last night. They played the song only, which starts about a minute in. It illustrates a point I made in my book, Step Into The Spotlight!, which is that sometimes the best way to make a point is with humor. Fan of The President or not, hard not to find song hilarious.

Many of my readers are in the communications and marketing business, students of influence & persuasion techniques, perhaps you.
But many limit themselves to how to make a better speech.

Would YOU dare to use humor like THIS to make a point in YOUR business?

Love to hear your comments.

(Let’s focus on the issues of communication, influence, marketing etc rather than the politics behind the players, ok?)

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