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How can a FOOT turn into a best-selling BOOK? (How nuts is this?) »

“You can take a BRICK, slap it between a provocative front and back cover with a great title, add some strong endorsements and your book will sell.” That’s exactly what I told the participants in my Book Creation Workshop the first time I ran it a few years ago. It’s certainly not something I recommend […]

Get Your Name Out There! [VIDEO Disappears Dec 31] »

Check out my free video series on how to get noticed and get known in 2013. Get your name out there as an expert, guru or star!

Social Media Mess–I’d rather write a book! »

I do see the irony of using a blog to question the value of social media marketing, but the graph above from Buddy Media really says it all. Me, I’d rather use a book to get seen, get heard, get noticed & get known. If you want me to guide you in creating YOUR book, […]

Writing a Book? Don’t Make These 15 Biggest Book Blunders! »

Join me for a fre.e teleseminar tonight where I’ll share the 15 Biggest Book Blunders new (and not so new) authors make. Yeah, it’s great to write a book. You totally should for 27 reasons I’ll share with you tonight. But if you make these 15 mistakes, what’s the point? Register now at Tsufit

Want to Write a Book? »

I asked this question recently. I did a survey at (pls go do the survey) and guess what, 94.2% of you said “Yes!”, you’ve dreamt about writing a book. If that’s you, join me for my Fre.e Teleseminar about the 27 Reasons to Drop Everything & Write a Book NOW! It’s one of the […]

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