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Is Pizza Hut NUTS? Or do we really all need to order pizza by pressing a button on our shoes? »

So, this is real. Pizza Hut has launched a pair of running shoes, yup, what our parents used to call “sneakers” that allows you to order a pizza from the comfort of your–shoes! You don’t gotta go no place, you don’t gotta do nothing, just press a button on your shoes (once you tie in […]

Donald Trump & Polarizing Your Audience »

Brian Williams of NBC’s Nightly News who is according to msnbc.msncom “seen by more U.S. television viewers on a daily basis than any other individual” has slammed Donald Trump in a war of words that could make the Rosie & Donald feud look like a game of tiddly winks. Williams didn’t love Trump’s tweets (some […]

Retro Style Ads for Social Media »

I was hunting for some retro TV images for a product I’m making and I stumbled on these fabulous vintage style ads for social media stuff, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, You Tube etc. One way to stand out is to mix 2 styles that appear to contradict each other but blend them in a way that […]

Steve Jobs’ Legacy »

Blogs, Facebook & Twitter: Just The Facts Ma’am… »

Ever wonder if your button should read “click here” or “submit”? Turns out it’s “Click Here”. By a landslide. Just one of the many things I learned by breezing through this awesome collection of facts and charts about what works and what doesn’t in online marketing and social media. Have a peek…(ie Click On Arrow […]

Now Entrepreneurs Can Afford to Step Into The Spotlight on TV with Google TV Ads »

Thanks to Frank Kern for the head’s up on this new Google TV thing.

Is Bubbly the New Twitter? »

Enough already! Remember the old show “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off?”. The world is advancing so quickly it kinda makes me want to sit on the front porch and shuck peas or watch the sun set. Still, I do like the idea of voice bulletins… See the latest here. Tsufit

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