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Still not using HUMOR in your marketing? »

Love this T-Mobile commercial!!! Humor can make a point WAY better than teaching and preaching. How can you do this in YOUR business? Great way to put your competitors in their place without creating animosity of a full frontal attack. Do YOU use humor in YOUR marketing? Tsufit is the author of the irreverent marketing […]

Have you seen this Fact-Checker song spoof re truth in the Trump era? »

Have you seen this Randy Rainbow video parody on Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and the Trump administration? Heard this on CBC, Canada’s national radio station, last night. They played the song only, which starts about a minute in. It illustrates a point I made in my book, Step Into The Spotlight!, which is that sometimes […]

Donald Trump & Polarizing Your Audience »

Brian Williams of NBC’s Nightly News who is according to msnbc.msncom “seen by more U.S. television viewers on a daily basis than any other individual” has slammed Donald Trump in a war of words that could make the Rosie & Donald feud look like a game of tiddly winks. Williams didn’t love Trump’s tweets (some […]

Simon, Come Back! American Idol Suffers Without The Voice of Real »

OK, enough is enough. Listen I love JLo as much as the next person. She’s adorable actually, but tonight was too much. And Randy? Why is he still on this show? Ranting about how they’re “angry” that one of the most boring contestants Idol has ever seen got voted out. Pia Whatever Her Name Is […]

You Talk Too Much! »

Open Message to Entrepreneurs and Assorted Other Business Types: When someone asks you what you do, answer in 10 seconds and then shut up!

The Blind Leading the Blind: Most Presentation Skills Speakers, Teachers & Preachers are BORING! »

Warning: This is a rant! PEOPLE ARE SO DELUDED! I’m at a Nice business event and some Nice guy in a Nice suit is at the front of the room giving a Nice endlessssssszzz presentation on Presentation Skills. It’s all very Nice. I’m guessing this is also taking place in boardrooms boredrooms in Belgium and […]

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