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Have you seen this Fact-Checker song spoof re truth in the Trump era? »

Have you seen this Randy Rainbow video parody on Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and the Trump administration? Heard this on CBC, Canada’s national radio station, last night. They played the song only, which starts about a minute in. It illustrates a point I made in my book, Step Into The Spotlight!, which is that sometimes […]

The Klezmatics Step Into The Spotlight! »

How cute is this? They’re right. The world has changed and we’ve all got to be our own publicists. Love the down home humility of the pitch. Sure beats slick.

Amy Winehouse: An Original Voice Remembered »

Personal Branding–This is Hilarious! Adam Lambert Parody »

You know you’ve succeeded in creating a personal brand when it is worthy of being parodied. Even those of you who are not American Idol fans must have noticed Adam Lambert’s skyrocketing success, despite the fact that some homogeneous white bread type and not he, was the winner of American Idol. Beyond his voice, Adam […]

Kitchen Table Entrepreneur with Jackie Rogers »

Had fun on Voice America’s Kitchen Table Entrepreneur with host Jackie Rogers.

Gotta Talk! »

Being interviewed by the lovely Susie Galvez and the bodacious Mary Foley this afternoon at 3pm EST on WLEE Talk Radio in Richmond, VA. Join us! Tsufit

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