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Are You 50 Shades of SMART? »

If you are, you’ll find a way to step into the spotlight by piggybacking on someone else’s fame. Like Marlon Wayans did with his new movie, 50 Shades of Black spoofing the popular movie & book, 50 Shades of Grey. Or F.L. Fowler’s Cook Book 50 Shades of Chicken. It’s brilliant ’cause all you have […]

Do you know your AUDIENCE as well as Virgin America does? »

Check this out! What OTHER brands and companies know their audience THIS well?

How badly do YOUR fans want YOU? »

A few years ago, over Christmas break, my daughter D and I watched 3 seasons of Veronica Mars in a few days. We were really bummed when it was over (although the last few episodes got a bit creepy), but still wanted more. Fast forward a few years and I get an email from her […]

Lessons from the Oscars: You gotta know when to sit down & shut up! »

The Oscars are tonight and there’s lots to be learned. Especially if you go to business networking events where they give you 30 seconds in the spotlight. Make sure you know when to sit down and shut up. (These guys got away with running long but you probably won’t…)

An Entrepreneurial Cinderella Story: Caine’s Arcade »

Want some entrepreneurial inspiration? Check this out! Then the publicity hit and over 3 million people saw the movie above. (As with much of the coolest stuff on this blog, this tip came from one of my daughters, P.)

When the Phone Stops Ringing…Matt Damon »

Even Hollywood actors have lulls when the phone doesn’t ring. Check out this Hollywood A-List Mastermind.

Movie Productions Have a Continuity Dept. Do You? »

I’m always preaching about how movie productions companies have a continuity department so that if the guy’s shirt is untucked in take 1, it stays untucked in take 2 so the two can be edited together. Well, it seems like some Continuity folk are sleeping on the job. Like on the set of Pretty Woman […]

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