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Entrepreneurs, have you ever “qualified” a prospect in this way? Yuck! »

Has this ever happened to you? As entrepreneurs, we’re taught to “qualify our prospects”. But how do you make sure it’s not just downright discrimination, snobbism, rudeness etc? This video is painful to watch–similar to that scene in Pretty Woman when the Julia Roberts character gets snubbed in a Beverly Hills boutique. What is the […]

Mark Struczewski Podcast interviews Tsufit on Productivity »

Not really something I talk about much–I’m definitely no expert on this. But pretty sure you’ll enjoy this short podcast anyway. Jump right in here:

What do you think of Political Ad: “Just Not Ready”? »

A lot more clever than the average political attack ad. Regardless of your political leanings, I think most people will be impressed by the interesting job interview angle.

“Any Publicity is Good Publicity”? Ain’t Necessarily So. Just Ask Toyota. »

There’s a saying: “Any publicity is good publicity”. “As long as they’re talking about you” people say. Ain’t Necessarily So. Want publicity? Careful what you wish for. Just ask Toyota. Tylenol. Audi. Nurse Susan Nelles. Maple Leaf Foods. Domino’s Pizza. Every company should have a “sh-t hits the fan plan” ’cause if and when it […]

I’m SO glad to be an entrepreneur! This is HILARIOUS! »

Win Copies of Andy Beal’s Book “Radically Transparent”! »

We’re celebrating Top Marketing Bloggers this year at Step Into The Spotlight! and what better way to celebrate than a book giveaway! We’re giving away 3 copies of Top Blogger Andy Beal’s acclaimed book, Radically Transparent. All you have to do for a chance to win, is Leave a Comment about Andy’s Guest Post below […]

How Many Corporate Types Does It Take To Screw Up a Lightbulb? »

Anyone who’s heard me speak or read Step Into The Spotlight! knows that I love to tease corporate types. About their corporate gobbletygook. About how their words obscure meaning. About how they seem to specialize in taking something simple and making it– well, check this out… (Thanks to Ad Age for the heads up.)

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