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Get Your Name Out There! [VIDEO Disappears Dec 31] »

Check out my free video series on how to get noticed and get known in 2013. Get your name out there as an expert, guru or star!

When Gurus Get Married »

What happens when a guru/speaker/trainer/coach gets married to another guru/speaker/trainer/coach? This. Like I said, ALL business is show business! Stars Eben Pagen, Annie Lalla and assorted cast of characters. Even a cameo appearance by fellow guru Dean Jackson.

Breakthrough Branding »

People often ask me what I’m reading. I’m generally reading 4-5 books at the same time (one in the car, one by the bed, one in the bathtub etc). The one I’m packing for my weekend music festival is a book I’m halfway through, Breakthrough Branding by Catherine Kaputa. She’s a student of my heroes, […]

Steve Jobs Action Figure? »

I thought these were action photos of Steve Jobs until the very end when I noticed the ball joints at his wrist. Madam Tussaud meets GI Joe. The company that planned to release these figures changed it’s mind due, according the the Silicon Valley Mercury News, to pressure from the family & from Apple. “Though […]

Are You Playing Your Violin in the Subway? »

It’s not only about being great at what you do. You gotta be positioned properly if you want to step into the spotlight as an expert or guru. Just being “out there” isn’t visibility. 5 years ago world class violinist Joshua Bell played his violin in the Washington, DC subway and was virtually ignored. Are […]

May You Always Be Caught Dancing! »

Many people are reluctant to step into the spotlight. Nowadays, it’s not always a choice. Better to control the circumstances and be seen as a leader, a guru, an expert. But if you are caught unaware, my wish for you in 2012 is that you always be caught dancing like this guy. Tsufit

Guest Blogger Tad Hargrave Steps Into The Spotlight! »

We have a tradition at Step Into The Spotlight! of inviting guest bloggers to share their wisdom with you. I’m delighted to introduce you to Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies who will be gracing this blog with his insights from time to time. Today’s post is about realizing what our market really wants. Take […]

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