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Guest Blogger Tad Hargrave Steps Into The Spotlight! »

We have a tradition at Step Into The Spotlight! of inviting guest bloggers to share their wisdom with you. I’m delighted to introduce you to Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies who will be gracing this blog with his insights from time to time. Today’s post is about realizing what our market really wants. Take […]

Congrats! Business Book Giveaway –These 3 Are Getting Self Marketing Power! »

So I promised to throw the names in a hat, but had to dig deep in my closet to find one. A toque was anticlimactic so I dug out the big black cowboy hat I bought years ago when I did a country music spoof song. My kids did the honors and these are the […]

Guest Post: Jeff Beals Says Turn Socializing Into Networking »

One of the perks of being an author is that you get to become friends with other authors in your industry. I’m been blessed to make friends with plenty o’ marketing types and Jeff Beals is one of the nicest guys in the biz. Make sure you check back here at in a few […]

Congrats! These 3 Will Be Getting The New Rules of Marketing & P.R. »

Congrats to 1. Head Health Nutter (Stephanie) 2. Lisa Mininni 3. Paula Wynyard who will each be getting the latest scoop on how to step into the spotlight online with David Meerman Scott’s new edition of The New Rules of Marketing & P.R. We’ll be sending Paula’s out by kangaroo to the land down under, […]

BOOK GIVEAWAY! 3 Copies of David Meerman Scott’s New Rules of Marketing & P.R »

One of the perks of having a business marketing & publicity blog is that I get great books sent to me to spread the word. And I love to share them with you! I told you it was coming. Yes, it’s another Step Into The Spotlight! Business Book Giveaway. We have 3 copies of David […]

David Meerman Scott Steps Into The Spotlight! With Guest Post »

It’s great to have David back with another guest post! The Second Edition of David Meerman Scott’s now classic book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, a BusinessWeek bestseller published in 24 languages (WOW!) is released this month. (We’ll be giving away 3 copies of David’s book later this month so watch for that […]

99.3 Random Acts of Marketing »

Have you ever sat down and put together a huge honkin’ marketing plan? One with made-up numbers to go with it? If you’re an author, a recording artist, a business owner looking for funding, you probably have. And yet, as Drew McLellan points out, much of what we actually do in marketing is actually random. […]

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