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How badly do YOUR fans want YOU? »

A few years ago, over Christmas break, my daughter D and I watched 3 seasons of Veronica Mars in a few days. We were really bummed when it was over (although the last few episodes got a bit creepy), but still wanted more. Fast forward a few years and I get an email from her […]

IKEA is More Than Just Monkeys »

IKEA is great at attracting attention ’cause other people are happy to carry the message. Even a spoof like this has had 88,000 views (5 times longer than a TV commercial). How can YOU inspire your audience to carry the flame? Tsufit P.S. I went to see if the domain name had been snapped […]

Get Your Name Out There! [VIDEO Disappears Dec 31] »

Check out my free video series on how to get noticed and get known in 2013. Get your name out there as an expert, guru or star!

Build Your Own Fan Club »

My friend Marc Gordon tells you why Facebook Likes aren’t enough. (The guy’s a natural on camera.) P.S. Don’t forget to join me tomorrow for a Rare LIVE teleseminar on how to get known as an expert and the 16 things to avoid if you want to get your name out there as a star! […]

Now That’s Getting Noticed! Lady Gaga Makes an Entrance at the Grammys! »

Getting noticed? Lady Gaga knows how. What will she do tonight?

Paula Abdul Off X-Factor? She’s a Survivor! »

Breaking News! According to the Chicago Sun Times “Paula Abdul [has been] fired from ‘The X Factor’ because she was too ‘soft’ ” Funny ’cause in Step Into The Spotlight!, I teased Paula about exactly that, being too soft. It was a bit embarrassing a couple of years later when I had to come clean […]

Steve Jobs Action Figure? »

I thought these were action photos of Steve Jobs until the very end when I noticed the ball joints at his wrist. Madam Tussaud meets GI Joe. The company that planned to release these figures changed it’s mind due, according the the Silicon Valley Mercury News, to pressure from the family & from Apple. “Though […]

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