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Want to be in an IKEA commercial? »

IKEA is calling for short video clips to be included in an upcoming commercial about the home. Great way to engage one’s audience. How can YOU engage YOUR audience?

Should you use HUMOR in your business messages? »

I think Southwest does this better than Delta, with a live humorous presentation. Delta’s is a bit long. What do you think? Which do you like better? Do YOU use humor in your messages to your clients and prospects? Why or why not? Thanks to Joel Alpert, Branding strategist, for sharing the Delta video.

West Jet Steps Into The Spotlight! »

So, West Jet out Oprahed Oprah recently and did a little surprise marketing. A publicity stunt some might say. Probably a lot cheaper to do this and get a viral bonanza than to cough up money for an expensive commercial. Finally some good news out of Toronto. Check it out.

Last Call! Deadline Mon 5pm for Chance at 3 Book Giveaway »

Wow! Lots of entrepreneurs are eager to get their hands on one of 3 autographed copies of Jeff Beals’ award winning book, Self Marketing Power. (See the flood of comments re last post.) The DEADLINE is tomorrow, Monday March 28 at 5pm EST so if you haven’t thrown your name into the hat, you can […]

Gilbert Gottfried–Celebrity Quacks One Time Too Many »

In my last post, we talked about leveraging celebrity, yours or someone else’s and how it’s possible to leverage the celebrity of those who have created it for themselves. That’s what Aflac, the insurance company, did by using Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of it’s famous duck. Hard to forget Gottfried’s distinctive voice from Disney’s […]

“Any Publicity is Good Publicity”? Ain’t Necessarily So. Just Ask Toyota. »

There’s a saying: “Any publicity is good publicity”. “As long as they’re talking about you” people say. Ain’t Necessarily So. Want publicity? Careful what you wish for. Just ask Toyota. Tylenol. Audi. Nurse Susan Nelles. Maple Leaf Foods. Domino’s Pizza. Every company should have a “sh-t hits the fan plan” ’cause if and when it […]

Karma Marketing »

He calls himself The Smartest Man in the World and he may very well be right. He’s definitely one of the nicest and that’s kinda the point. It’s his whole marketing strategy. I’m sure Customer Experience Guru Becky Carroll over at Customers Rock would agree. Saul Colt, “Head of Magic” at Fresh Books, calls it […]

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