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Have you seen this Fact-Checker song spoof re truth in the Trump era? »

Have you seen this Randy Rainbow video parody on Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and the Trump administration? Heard this on CBC, Canada’s national radio station, last night. They played the song only, which starts about a minute in. It illustrates a point I made in my book, Step Into The Spotlight!, which is that sometimes […]

What do APPLE & Donald TRUMP Have in Common? »

Despite his recent widely reported but short lived boycott of Apple products, Donald Trump does have ONE thing in common with Apple, (the computer company, not the fruit). Apple & Trump are both masterful at branding & positioning their competitors! Apple did it with a series of MAC vs PC commercials where they branded & […]


Seriously, Sunkist? “Not your mother’s grapefruit”? You’ve re-invented the grapefruit? We get that you couldn’t stick “New & Improved” on the label like they do with laundry detergent, but “The Health and Beauty of the Modern Grapefruit”? I bought 5 bags of these MODERN grapefruits this morning just in case my 4 millennial daughters don’t […]

Less Isn’t Always More… »

Saw this ad today at the mall and I must say it was arresting. I stopped and started to actually read it. Very clever marketing.

When You Assert You Make an Ass Out of… »

The Power of Presumption My daughter is supposed to read this book, Sold on Language, for her Anthro class, but I grabbed it and I’m on page 128. These 2 eggheads from University of Whatever make some really good points about marketing & advertising language. Like how you can slip under your prospects’ radar by […]

Paypal Knows What It’s Really Selling. Do you? »

Necklace Selected Privacy Protected A little sleazy perhaps, but PayPal understands that to a certain segment of the population it’s selling discretion. I’m guessing that’s not his wife or daughter… If a boring old merchant services company can figure out what it’s selling and bring it to life, so can YOU!

Are You Making an Impact? Insider Secrets Revealed! »

Ran into copywriter extraordinaire Michele PW for the 3rd time recently and found myself once again complimenting her on her powerful business card. So many business cards are SO lame. (I’d love to show you some as examples but don’t want to make anyone feel bad.) A business card can be the little piece of […]

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