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Is admitting DEFEAT a good MARKETING strategy? »

Sure looks that way. In this TV commercial, the setting is a fall fair competition where Classico pasta sauce LOSES to the homemade sauce of these Italian grandmas and the Classico chefs are smiling anyway–all the way to the bank. It’s a variation of the Avis, #2, We Try Harder campaign from years ago that’s […]

Do YOU Have What It Takes? »

Enough already! So many reality shows, so many people trying to step into the spotlight, not with talent or brains or skill, but with what they hope is “IT”. We even see it in the Presidential Campaign where celebrity seems to be paying off big time. Jimmy Kimmel has come up with a biting commentary […]

WHO Could SELL Stuff with a Commercial Like This? »

Criminals Make Some of the Best Entrepreneurs »

It’s funny. I don’t remember the conversation or how it came up but I remember flippantly commenting to someone that criminals make great entrepreneurs. They’re organized, self-starters, motivated, strategic, enterprising. I guess I’m not the only one who had that thought. Tonight I caught 3/4 of one of the most interesting TV shows I’ve seen […]

Simon, Come Back! American Idol Suffers Without The Voice of Real »

OK, enough is enough. Listen I love JLo as much as the next person. She’s adorable actually, but tonight was too much. And Randy? Why is he still on this show? Ranting about how they’re “angry” that one of the most boring contestants Idol has ever seen got voted out. Pia Whatever Her Name Is […]

Personal Branding–This is Hilarious! Adam Lambert Parody »

You know you’ve succeeded in creating a personal brand when it is worthy of being parodied. Even those of you who are not American Idol fans must have noticed Adam Lambert’s skyrocketing success, despite the fact that some homogeneous white bread type and not he, was the winner of American Idol. Beyond his voice, Adam […]

Donald Trump: Newest American Idol Judge? »

It’s official. Kara DioGuardi is out. Boo hoo. Randy Jackson is the last judge standing…sitting. But the real question is can American Idol survive Simon Cowell’s departure? Who will replace Paula, Ellen, Kara and Simon and who will have a big enough persona to keep the show going? Can’t think of anyone offhand, except perhaps […]

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