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Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: How to Leverage Celebrity »

So, just had a peek at the agenda for the ICF conference in Las Vegas in September. (I’m speaking the day before at Viki Winterton’s Coaches’ Edge™ Extravaganza the day before with the likes of Michael Gerber, James Malinchak, story telling guru Lisa Bloom etc.) And I see that this guy, Michael Gelb is giving […]

TSUFIT releases new Spotlight Blueprint for Entrepreneurs on Dec 7, 2010 »

TSUFIT releases new Spotlight Blueprint on Dec 7, 2010. Register at This FREE call is for Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Consultants, Business Owners, CEOs and Coaches who want to walk away on Dec 7 with a concrete plan for how to get known in 2011. The call is free and you’ll get details when you […]

Check out Supergenius Conference »

Just heard about Andy Sernovitz’s Word of Mouth Supergenius Conference December 16 and the awesome lineup including a real supergenius, Andy Nulman, author of Pow! Right Between the Eyes (an unbelievably insightful book!), Mitch Joel, Saul Colt and many others. But guys, if you were really such supergeniuses (genii?), you’d hold it somewhere warmer than […]

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