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Lessons from the Oscars: You gotta know when to sit down & shut up! »

The Oscars are tonight and there’s lots to be learned. Especially if you go to business networking events where they give you 30 seconds in the spotlight. Make sure you know when to sit down and shut up. (These guys got away with running long but you probably won’t…)

Get Your Name Out There! [VIDEO Disappears Dec 31] »

Check out my free video series on how to get noticed and get known in 2013. Get your name out there as an expert, guru or star!

Authentic Advertising »

Check out Joe Karbo’s Lazy Man’s Way to Riches ad. Love how he reveals how much he makes per sale and why you will want to buy it anyway. Love the confidence and the authenticity.

What’s Your Story? »

Don’t bore us with your features and benefits. Tell me a story! People’s eyes always light up when I share my “litigation lawyer leaves law for limelight” story. That’s what people are really buying, not your thingamajig, but your story, the story you attach to your thingamajig and to yourself. But for some reason, business […]

Can You Introduce Your Business in Just 30 Seconds? »

If you can’t, you’re missing out. Join me in my new 4 week group coaching program 30 Seconds in the Spotlight! Starts Tuesday March 27, 2012 by teleconference so you don’t have to travel! Register now: Tsufit

Free ENCORE Call re 30 Second Infomercial Mistakes »

Did you miss my fre.e teleseminar on the 15 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in their 30 Second Networking Infomercials? We had so many requests we’re doing an encore on Tuesday March 13 at 1pm EST. Join us! Register now at Tsufit

Beyond Blah, Blah, Blah… Free Teleseminar: Stand Out in 30 Seconds »

Do you stand out when you do your 30 second networking infomercial? Join me for a fre.e telseminar about the 15 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make.

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