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Coca-Cola: The Happiness Brand? »

So my daughter sent me a You Tube link about a month ago (low priority ’cause there’s always more urgent stuff to do) but I finally saw this semi-cute little video. No real heartstrings stuff, but ok, it’s nice to be nice. Then in the last 2 seconds, I realize it’s all been brought to […]

Lessons from the Oscars: You gotta know when to sit down & shut up! »

The Oscars are tonight and there’s lots to be learned. Especially if you go to business networking events where they give you 30 seconds in the spotlight. Make sure you know when to sit down and shut up. (These guys got away with running long but you probably won’t…)

IKEA is More Than Just Monkeys »

IKEA is great at attracting attention ’cause other people are happy to carry the message. Even a spoof like this has had 88,000 views (5 times longer than a TV commercial). How can YOU inspire your audience to carry the flame? Tsufit P.S. I went to see if the domain name had been snapped […]

GoDaddy Polarizes Audience »

Think what you’re selling is boring? Check this out.

Proctor & Gamble Unlocks the Secret of Movement Marketing »

Bullying. It’s horrible. And topical. Which is probably why Proctor & Gamble has hooked into it, a brilliant followup to the Campaign for Real Beauty unleashed a few years ago. Yup, mean stinks! Thanks for the heads up P.

Can You Introduce Your Business in Just 30 Seconds? »

If you can’t, you’re missing out. Join me in my new 4 week group coaching program 30 Seconds in the Spotlight! Starts Tuesday March 27, 2012 by teleconference so you don’t have to travel! Register now: Tsufit

Diet Soft Drink Wars: Wooing Manly Men »

Not sure if this was a grade 8 school project or what, but it could have used a little more subtle approach. You gotta show, not tell… A little better… This one (spoof) is my favorite… Thanks for the heads up D!

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