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Does this ad OFFEND or AMUSE you? »

Profanity, an arguably patronizing attitude towards the new employee (end of ad) and yet irreverent ads like this have propelled Dollar Shave Club to millions selling something you can buy yourself at the local dollar store or your neighborhood Walgreens. So, do you find it OFFENSIVE or AMUSING? More importantly, would YOU buy their stuff? […]

T-Mobile Presents Viral Royal Wedding »

26 million views and counting. What can you attach yourself to?

Diet Soft Drink Wars: Wooing Manly Men »

Not sure if this was a grade 8 school project or what, but it could have used a little more subtle approach. You gotta show, not tell… A little better… This one (spoof) is my favorite… Thanks for the heads up D!

May You Always Be Caught Dancing! »

Many people are reluctant to step into the spotlight. Nowadays, it’s not always a choice. Better to control the circumstances and be seen as a leader, a guru, an expert. But if you are caught unaware, my wish for you in 2012 is that you always be caught dancing like this guy. Tsufit

The Reality of Reality TV »

Lest we take ourselves too seriously…

Santa Being Naughty! Pepsi Scores One in the Cola Wars »

Love a company with a sense of humor.

Gilbert Gottfried–Celebrity Quacks One Time Too Many »

In my last post, we talked about leveraging celebrity, yours or someone else’s and how it’s possible to leverage the celebrity of those who have created it for themselves. That’s what Aflac, the insurance company, did by using Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of it’s famous duck. Hard to forget Gottfried’s distinctive voice from Disney’s […]

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