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T-Mobile Presents Viral Royal Wedding »

26 million views and counting. What can you attach yourself to?

TSUFIT releases new Spotlight Blueprint for Entrepreneurs on Dec 7, 2010 »

TSUFIT releases new Spotlight Blueprint on Dec 7, 2010. Register at This FREE call is for Entrepreneurs, Authors, Speakers, Consultants, Business Owners, CEOs and Coaches who want to walk away on Dec 7 with a concrete plan for how to get known in 2011. The call is free and you’ll get details when you […]

Celebrity Leverage– New Book Tells You How to Become a Celebrity in Business! »

So I’m picking up my mail, a bunch of bills and flyers when I spot, buried in the stack, a bright red sparkly bubble envelope (I didn’t even know they existed–I’m gonna re-use it and make someone else’s day!) and already, I’m excited. What was inside was even more exciting, a hot-off-the-press copy of Celebrity […]

Hugh Jackman Gets Spotlight by Breaking Character »

I’m always telling entrepreneurs to stay in character in order to build a solid brand, but sometimes it pays to step out of character for a minute to get attention. Woody Allen’s characters jumped on and off the screen in Purple Rose of Cairo. Speakers know the best way to get an audience’s attention is […]

American I-Dull! »

Have you watched American Idol lately? Most of the finalists are good singers but they’re– BORING! Totally forgettable! Just like most entrepreneurs… I’m thinking of sending the studio a case of my book Step Into The Spotlight!: A Guide to Getting Noticed (I’m pretty excited ’cause it just won a Silver Medal in the 2009 […]

Step Into The Spotlight! Welcomes Guest Blogger, Dan Schawbel–Build Your Personal Brand! »

I love shoveling snow. It’s exhilarating. I guess it’s because no matter how daunting it looks when you begin, 632 shovels later (no I don’t count), you see results. Immediate results. So I’m shoveling 3 feet of snow this morning (the joys of living in igloo country) and it occurs to me that marketing doesn’t […]

” Joe Polish At the David Letterman Show”–Made You Look! »

Got an email a few minutes ago saying ” Joe Polish in New York at David Letterman show”. Joe Polish is a very successful marketing maven, so this intrigued me until I noticed that it said “at the David Letterman show” not “on the David Letterman show”. The thing is, the celebrity name-dropping was enough […]

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