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Donald Trump & Polarizing Your Audience »

Brian Williams of NBC’s Nightly News who is according to msnbc.msncom “seen by more U.S. television viewers on a daily basis than any other individual” has slammed Donald Trump in a war of words that could make the Rosie & Donald feud look like a game of tiddly winks. Williams didn’t love Trump’s tweets (some […]

Paula Abdul Off X-Factor? She’s a Survivor! »

Breaking News! According to the Chicago Sun Times “Paula Abdul [has been] fired from ‘The X Factor’ because she was too ‘soft’ ” Funny ’cause in Step Into The Spotlight!, I teased Paula about exactly that, being too soft. It was a bit embarrassing a couple of years later when I had to come clean […]

Amy Winehouse: An Original Voice Remembered »

Gilbert Gottfried–Celebrity Quacks One Time Too Many »

In my last post, we talked about leveraging celebrity, yours or someone else’s and how it’s possible to leverage the celebrity of those who have created it for themselves. That’s what Aflac, the insurance company, did by using Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of it’s famous duck. Hard to forget Gottfried’s distinctive voice from Disney’s […]

Justin Bieber’s Haircut »

There’s a big pull quote on page 199 of my book, Step Into The Spotlight! where I say that “The media does not need to be informed every time you have a haircut.” Apparently I was wrong. Today’s top headline? Justin Bieber has a haircut! His hair clippings take the spotlight and not only earned […]

Seinfeld Apologizes for High Ticket Prices »

That’s a first. A performer complaining about how much the promoters are charging his audience. But it makes a ton of sense. Actually, it reminds me of an author who complained to me that his publisher was charging too much for his books. According to The Calgary Sun, Seinfeld is playing London in June and […]

McDonalds’ Marketing Under Attack–Toys with Happy Meals Make Moms Unhappy »

My first official job at the age of 17 was at McDonalds. For $1.90 an hour, I was told “If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean.” But it seems the big M can’t catch a break. First their coffee is too hot. Now, some woman in San Francisco is suing McDonalds for enticing […]

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