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My Mommy is a Coach »

Milana Leshinsky is brilliant. A former music teacher who came to America and then became a web designer, Milana is an influential guide to the coaching profession. And she knows her market. Her “My Mommy is a Coach” spot is adorable and will certainly hit the mark with her flock of primarily female coaches. I’m […]

Blogs, Facebook & Twitter: Just The Facts Ma’am… »

Ever wonder if your button should read “click here” or “submit”? Turns out it’s “Click Here”. By a landslide. Just one of the many things I learned by breezing through this awesome collection of facts and charts about what works and what doesn’t in online marketing and social media. Have a peek…(ie Click On Arrow […]

The Age of Persuasion (& Coincidence) »

On page 18-19 of Step Into The Spotlight!, I tell the story of how a client had recommended a book to me (Blink by Malcolm Gladwell), I hadn’t heard her and I ended up finding it myself and recommending it to her. Kinda happened again today. Out of the blue, I called a blogger to […]

Christina Hills Knows What She’s Really Selling. Do YOU? »

I’ve said it before. Most entrepreneurs don’t know what they’re really selling. This chick does. Instead of hitting us over the head with all the reasons we should join her website creation workshop, she focuses on one, the freedom and lifestyle (is that two?) we can enjoy if we have an internet business, which all […]

Christina Hills Steps Into The Spotlight with Alice in WordPressLand »

Can’t think of how to attract attention to your less than glamorous business? If a web person can do it, anyone can! Internationally known as The Shopping Cart Queen, Christina is now teaching people to do their own websites. Hop on over to her site and scroll down to Website Creation Workshop to see the […]

Getting Noticed in a Noisy Marketplace »

Dan Heath, co-author of Made to Stick, on getting noticed in a noisy marketplace. Check out his blog at Fast Company.

David Meerman Scott Steps Into The Spotlight! With Guest Post »

It’s great to have David back with another guest post! The Second Edition of David Meerman Scott’s now classic book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, a BusinessWeek bestseller published in 24 languages (WOW!) is released this month. (We’ll be giving away 3 copies of David’s book later this month so watch for that […]

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