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When You Assert You Make an Ass Out of… »

The Power of Presumption My daughter is supposed to read this book, Sold on Language, for her Anthro class, but I grabbed it and I’m on page 128. These 2 eggheads from University of Whatever make some really good points about marketing & advertising language. Like how you can slip under your prospects’ radar by […]

Frank Kern’s Lesson on Buyer Psychology: The Black American Express Card »

Busts through our preconceived notions of what people will pay for. (In 4 short segments. ) How can you use this in your business? Thanks for the heads up, P. Removed the links but well worth a google search!

Burger King Markets Scarcity »

In a twist on tradition Scarcity Marketing, where you only have 7 hoozit’s available, Burger King created a scare with it’s temporary discontinuation of the Whopper a few years ago. Here’s what happened. Could you do this in YOUR business?

Customers Don’t Buy on Price! »

One way to step into the spotlight and stand out is by price. Not lower price. Higher price. And fear not, ’cause customers don’t generally buy on price. Don’t believe me? Listen to this guy. Dr Larry Steinmetz makes a great argument. Check it out. (Don’t let the Gomer Pyle accent fool you. This guy’s […]

How Much Would You Pay for a Paper Clip? »

Afraid to Raise Your Prices? Don’t Be! Every time I think, “Now I’ve seen everything!”, I see something else that confirms what I’ve been preaching to my Spotlight Circle clients, that confirms what I’ve learned from my marketing mentors. You can sell anything! As Dan Kennedy said in my recent interview with him, “There’s a […]

Dan Ariely Finds a Vending Machine for Gold »

Entrepreneurs: What Are YOU Really Selling? »

WHO’s WHO? Just got off the phone with a lovely 20-something year old woman kid named Tara (not her real name) who was calling from The [Substitute-Name-Of-Prestigious-University-Here] Who’s Who. She said she needed to ask me a few questions to support my inclusion in that prestigious publication. She asked all about my book (said she […]

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