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Another Step Into The Spotlight! Book Review–Bill Morgenstein’s The Crazy Life of a Kid from Brooklyn »

You know that song, Dueling Banjos? So, in my case, it was Dueling Books. Just got off an international flight with the book I started before boarding the plane and this book from the top of the heap of mail that accumulated during my 3 weeks away. Read a chapter of one, then a chapter […]

10 MUST READ Business Books! How many have YOU read? »

How many of these “MUST READ” books have YOU Read? Report your score below. 1. Built to Sell [John Warrillow] I read this book twice back to back, i.e. got to last page and went immediately back to page one. I don’t think I’ve ever done that with a book before! It’s about how to […]

Are you a LAWYER? »

If so, you’re invited to apply to join our exclusive brand new Linkedin group, Step Into The Spotlight! for LAWYERS. Just go to and click on JOIN. If I like you, I’ll let you in! Not a lawyer? You can still join our dynamic main Step Into The Spotlight! group, now over 2700 strong, […]

Rock Your Business! »

In 1978, at the end of my first year in University, I saw an article (see below) about John Davidson’s Singer Summer Camp. As a young singer, I so so so wanted to audition to attend; I don’t remember why I didn’t apply (probably couldn’t figure out the money as a kid) but I did […]

Bags to Riches »

Just spent a few days with my friend, Linda Hollander, founder of the Women’s Small Business Expo and author of Bags to Riches. Linda has an inspiring story, dead end job, anxiety checking her mailbox full of bills, starting a shopping bag business that serviced Disney, Fox, Warner Bros, NBC, ABC, CBS and Universal Studios. […]

Writing a Book? Don’t Make These 15 Biggest Book Blunders! »

Join me for a fre.e teleseminar tonight where I’ll share the 15 Biggest Book Blunders new (and not so new) authors make. Yeah, it’s great to write a book. You totally should for 27 reasons I’ll share with you tonight. But if you make these 15 mistakes, what’s the point? Register now at Tsufit

The Education of Millionaires »

My kids say I “Cry Book”. That I’m always telling them “You gotta read this book!” And it’s true. Not the cry wolf part. The “you gotta read this book!” part. I read a lot of amazing books and it’s impossible not to become an evangelist. But this book, for anyone who has college bound […]

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