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Is This NEWS Item Actually an Ad for TRUMP in Disguise? »

Just saw a “news” item telling me that it’s illegal for Canadians to buy Donald Trump’s red Make American Great Again cap. Illegal! Why? ‘Cause purchases are considered by US law to be Campaign Contributions or so says The Huffington Post citing a recent report on CTV news. The idea is that non-US citizens should […]

What Do You Think of Mattel’s New BARBIE Commercial? »

Thanks to Janina Gulck from my Step Into The Spotlight! group on Linkedin for the headsup on the cool commercial! So, what do you think? Is it aimed at the parents or the kids? Is it manipulative? Is it refreshing? 10 million views–nothing to sneeze at. Is this commercial positive or negative? Reinforcing stereotypes or […]

Marketing: Should Lawyers Be ORANGE? »

Saw an bright orange sign as I was driving recently that said either “” or “” or some such thing and I thought it was an interesting departure from Smarter, Bigger and Rich LLP. Couldn’t find their sign online to share with you, but here is what I did find: So, what do you think? […]

Canadian Election Polite Attack Ads Heat Up! »

2 months ago, I shared with you the political attack ad, “Just Not Ready” in which the Conservatives skewered Liberal Candidate Justin Trudeau with a mock resume review meeting. The wound was precise and hit its mark. The Liberal response of Justin trying to defend himself didn’t take away the sting at all. But now […]

WHO Could SELL Stuff with a Commercial Like This? »

How can you get ATTENTION for your cause? [Great Example from Peru.] »

You have a cause, an idea, a movement. How do you get attention for it? Preaching and finger wagging can only go so far in a noisy world where no one wants to be preached at. Here’s a great example from Peru of how to break through the clutter. 8 million views and counting. Produced […]

Does HUMOUR actually help SELL stuff? »

This entertaining Toyota commercial kept popping up every time I tried to watch Trump’s latest antics. LOVE humour in marketing. But the question is, does it actually SELL stuff? What IS right on the money is the fact that we identify ourselves with our purchases. We believe that this running shoe will make us more […]

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