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You’re a Genius »

Just chatting with one of my 4 favourite daughters, and in conversation, she said “If you test a frog by how he flies, he’s going to feel really stupid.” She heard it from Albert Einstein (maybe they were Facebook friends…) who put it like this: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish […]

I did something crazy yesterday… »

I started a new group on LinkedIn. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to organize groups or events. I like to just show up to stuff that’s already organized. But it was Jan 1 and some crazy impulse hit me and I did it. And you’re invited. Just log into your LinkedIn […]

When You Assert You Make an Ass Out of… »

The Power of Presumption My daughter is supposed to read this book, Sold on Language, for her Anthro class, but I grabbed it and I’m on page 128. These 2 eggheads from University of Whatever make some really good points about marketing & advertising language. Like how you can slip under your prospects’ radar by […]

Tsufit “Now I Know How Oprah Feels!” »

I’m a cover girl! Just got a beautiful glossy magazine in the mail. Before you get too impressed, the publisher sent each person featured in the magazine (got a gorgeous 8 page spread not too shabby!) a copy with his or her face on the cover. But perhaps that’s the way of the future. Perhaps […]

Wanna Be a Guru? »

For entrepreneurs, it’s important to get known as a guru like these guys did.

Replay of Tsufit’s Spotlight Blueprint Teleseminar »

So, you missed the live call–lots of excitement on the line, when I revealed my new Spotlight Blueprint on Tues night. It was basically my whole 288 page Step Into The Spotlight! book on one piece of paper, exactly what to do, step by step, to get known as an expert or guru. Had tons […]

A Shocking Confession »

At least it was shocking to me when it dawned on me tonight while folding warm-from-the dryer laundry. I’m not sure I want to “step into the spotlight”. Shocking for the author of a book called Step Into The Spotlight! I don’t always feel like being in the spotlight. I love my privacy. I love […]

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