Big Ass Fans

Any marketer knows that you’re nobody till someone hates you. You gotta get off the fence and take a stand, make a choice in order to get noticed. That’s exactly what one Lexington, Kentucky heating and air conditioning company, has done in a BIG way. By re-naming the company, Big Ass Fans, HVLS Inc. has managed to intrigue some and offend others, a perfect combination for success.

As marketing maven, Alex Mandossian, says, you don’t want maybes. You want prospects to either be attracted to you or move on. You want to polarize your audience. Yes or no. A quick perusal of the kudos and complaints section on the Big Ass Fans website confirms that this is exactly what Big Ass Fans (Yeah, I admit it. I just like saying it) has done. Some are indignant and say they’d never buy from a company with such an unprofessional sounding name, while others love the fun of it all and even offer to work for them. No stranger to controversy, Bare Naked Ladies were banned from performing outside Toronto City Hall in 1991 because of their band name and it helped put them on the map.

One thing’s for sure. “You can’t bore people into buying.” (David Ogilvy)

Hats off to one of my favorite marketing minds, Perry Marshall, for the scoop on this one.

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