Should Brands Get POLITICAL?

Have you seen the latest Budweiser commercial slotted for the 2017 Super Bowl?

The spot emphasizes that the brand was created by an immigrant, who is welcomed with cries of “Go back home!” clearly making a political statement in the light of the recent US election.

It appears to be directly taking on Trump’s recent executive order but according to Market Watch, Budweiser says that this was in the works before all that (and clearly they couldn’t have made this elaborate spot in just days since Trump’s controversial executive order).

So questions.

Does it help the brand?

Does it hurt the brand?

Does it matter?

Should brands be making political statements? Yes or no? Why or why not?

What do you think?

Is this a moral imperative or dangerous territory for a brand?

Would YOU put YOUR brand behind a political statement?

Or is this not a political statement at all?

Please comment below.

Huge thanks to author and brand guru, Martin Lindstrom, for the heads up on this commercial and another provocative Super Bowl 2017 commercial by a lumber company about Mexicans and the wall.

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