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Hey guys. Just came across a clip of my friend, Dan Lier, talking about his new book, The Ten Minute Coach. Dan spent 6 years working with Tony Robbins, and although we have differing opinions about cold calling, I will tell you that if anyone can give you the push you need to succeed in […]

Last minute Christmas gift? How ’bout a Goat? »

Wanna buy a goat? Only $110 bucks. Or maybe a pig for just $40? “Easy to take care of and quick to reproduce” says the ad copy. Or maybe 5 cute little chicks? ‘Cause “Hens lay an average of 259 eggs a year”. On page 76 of Step Into The Spotlight! I relay the unfortunate […]

What’s Your Platform? »

  It’s official. As of yesterday, Rupert Murdoch is the proud owner of the prestigious Wall St. Journal. He doesn’t like the long articles, doesn’t always finish them, he told the New York Times yesterday, so I’m guessing he’s going to change it up a bit.  After all, he can do and say whatever he wants. […]

Caricatures »

For years, I’ve been encouraging clients to craft their business personas like characters on a TV show. ALL business is show business. Notice, I’ve been telling them, how the most memorable TV characters are caricatures, ie the most unique traits are exaggerated for definition. So I was really excited to come across a recent post on Seth’s Blog […]

Forget 30 Seconds! »

How much time does it take to sell your widget? On page 136 of my upcoming book (April 2008), I report that commercials are getting shorter. Forget 30 seconds. These new format radio and TV spots, “Blinks”, are just 1-3 seconds long.  Well the book’s not even at the printer yet and already I’m being proven […]

Good Hummerians »

I’ve been saying it for years. Forget the shampoo, toothpaste, soda and beer companies. No one knows how to position a product better than the car guys. (Page 42-54 in The Book) Volvo? Safety. Jeep? Goes anywhere. Saturn? “We care”. General Motors? OK, not all the car guys. As positioning gurus, Al and Laura Ries […]

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