Do You Show Up Late at Networking Meetings to Avoid the 30 Second Infomercial?

Lots of people do! Just received a new book in the Step Into The Spotlight! reviews stack from speaker and coach Fred E. Miller, all about how to build your “elevator speech” floor by floor.

His approach is a little different than mine but found some great stuff here like on page 12 where he quotes “Don’t spend major time on minor possibilities”. He’s right. He suggests that the goal of the face to face “elevator speech” is to either disqualify the person or get interrupted by the person who wants to arrange to meet in the next few days. Makes sense. It’s important to polarize your audience and to sift and sort and only focus where it makes sense to focus.
No Sweat Elevator Speech

And Fred makes a very important point that one has to distinguish between the “speech” you give one on one and that you give to a group. Have you ever had someone dump his or her whole 30 seconds on you face to face. Really weird!

Fred suggests keeping it conversational. Great advice. “You never want to be too smooth when delivering any presentation. It’s not a good way to relate to people. Struggling and sometimes stumbling is human. Those are frailties we can all relate to.” Yup.

Grab a copy of No Sweat Elevator Speech!, a quick easy read.

It’s not just WHAT you say. It’s HOW you say it!

Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time perfecting their pitch, crafting what they want to say. But it’s not just WHAT you say, but HOW you say it that matter!

He’s only just scratched the surface here and many of the rock ones sound the same. Notice how a few have really distinct brands, but not all of them. How ’bout a Klezmer or Chassidic version? Thanks to Aviva for sending me this!

Don’t Call It That!

If I had written this book, Don’t Call It That! by Eli Altman, I probably would have called it “Is That What You’re Calling It?” which is what I often say as I carefully attempt to tread lightly, gingerly, one might say, on an area where I know a client has invested his heart and soul. Don't Call It That book coverOften I have to hold myself back from saying “Why would you want to use a dumbass name like that?”

What you call stuff matters. What you call your kids affects how well they’ll do in school. What you call your book affects whether people will pick it up or not. (Covers matter too). And what you call your business will either intrigue or bore your prospects and customers.

But how do you figure this out? Sam Horn’s book, Pop had some great suggestions on how to approach this. And so does this hot off the press “workbook” by brand strategist, Eli Altman. It doesn’t look like a workbook. It’s a cool lime green fabric hardcover with the author’s signature painted on the cover that makes you want to dive in right away, 122 pages you can fly through in one sitting.

But don’t stop there. Go back with a pencil (not sure I’d allow myself to write in such a gorgeous book) and workshop your names.
And don’t stop until you’ve found THE one, the one that makes people beg “Tell me more…”

And don’t shy away from strong choices. Eli’s right when he observes “One thing strong names have in common is the ease with which they can be attacked and dismissed.” He didn’t use this example, but Big Ass Fans comes to mind. That bold name put HVLS Fan Co. on the map internationally. (Want to work for them? Find the drop down for “Big Ass Careers” on their site.)

Breezy and fun, Eli’s best example is arguably his own business name, A Hundred Monkeys. The name rocks! Does yours?

Would you ever do THIS to get into the spotlight?

Not saying that it was a premeditated spotlight play, but some guy posted a you tube video of him singing with his tiny little baby kid. The kid is remarkably confident for such a little tyke and it landed him (and his Dad–whose a pretty good singer) on TV and the TV appearance has been seen half a million times on YouTube. If he had just thrown in a cat, it probably would have hit a million.

Check out you tube post here:
TV appearance is here

How badly do YOUR fans want YOU?

A few years ago, over Christmas break, my daughter D and I watched 3 seasons of Veronica Mars in a few days. We were really bummed when it was over (although the last few episodes got a bit creepy), but still wanted more. Fast forward a few years and I get an email from her today telling me that Veronica Mars fans wanted more so badly they came up with 2 million bucks in just 10 hours to make it happen, same actors. (On Kickstarter).

How badly to our followers want us? As the country singers always say at the awards shows (in an appropriate twang) “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the fans!”

What can we do to create raving fans, raving enough to cough up the dough? Check out this story about the Kickstarter campaign to bring back Veronica Mars!

Just made my new Year at a Glance calendar

Just wiped out my 2013 Year at a Glance dry erase calendar, and filled in the dates for 2014. Feels like a brand new page to write on.

Just have to figure out what’s worthy of being carved into stone (jotted down by dry erase marker) for the new year.

So providing you with some wiping out the old calendar music so you can set up yours for 2014.

Found this song in a President’s Choice commercial and my daughter tracked it down for me. Contagious!

West Jet Steps Into The Spotlight!

So, West Jet out Oprahed Oprah recently and did a little surprise marketing. A publicity stunt some might say. Probably a lot cheaper to do this and get a viral bonanza than to cough up money for an expensive commercial. Finally some good news out of Toronto. Check it out.

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