Is This Guy’s Advertisement BRILLIANT or BOORISH? (Or both?)

Before you can get a new client, you have to capture your prospect’s attention. Here’s what ONE guy did to attract attention to his new plumbing business.

Apparently he not only attracted attention locally, it’s going viral. I read about this in the Huffington Post!

Would YOU ever do anything like this to attract attention to your business?

Yes or no?

Why or why not?

Comment below.

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Do you agree with Jeff Walker in his APOLOGY VIDEO?

I always knew Jeff Walker was one of the most humble sincere marketers on the planet. I didn’t know he had this amazing sense of humor! Enjoy!

By the way, do you agree with Jeff Walker or the guy he’s responding to?

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Was Hillary’s Teleprompter “SIGH” Deliberate or Dumb?

It’s all over the Internet. Hillary reads the stage directions right off the teleprompter.

HUGE contrast with her opponent, the spontaneous I-say-whatever-pop-into-my-head Trump who was all over this tweeting his delight.

So, here’s the question. Is there any possibility that verbalizing the “SIGH” was deliberate?

A rhetorical device?

Or is she on autopilot at this point, reading off teleprompters, speeches written by other people, not really having a clue what’s coming out of her mouth?

My daughter just reminded me of a classic FRIENDS moment where Joey Tribbiani reads the stage direction “long pause” at his audition. Hilarious. Watch first 45 seconds of this clip:

So here’s the hard part. I would love you to comment below but ONLY IF you can separate your political opinions from your opinion on this one very narrow question. Question One:

Did Hillary read the word “SIGH” deliberately as a device?

People say “LOL” in person all the time instead of literally laughing out loud.

Is that what this was?

Or is it a major goof? Please vote below.




Please explain why you take the position you do.

Second question: Many of you are speakers yourselves. Have YOU ever articulated a stage direction on purpose for effect?

[Thanks to Ray Leone for the heads up on Hillary’s Sigh.]

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Could YOU Make the Cover of GQ? This guy did!

GQ_Resume Could YOU make the cover of GQ?

This guy did.

He was looking for a marketing internship.

And he got there by making the cover of GQ.

No, he’s not a model and nobody put him on the cover.

HE literally MADE the cover of GQ.

He took 3 weeks and a photographer and created the world’s most original resume.

A 20 page special RESUME EDITION of Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

He wanted a marketing internship with GQ, so he created a 20 page CV in the format of a magazine. The magazine he wanted to work for. Check out the teasers on the cover.

He sent it to the headquarters of the magazine in Mumbai, London and New York.

The head of GQ India posted it on Instagram.

The head of GQ London hired him.

Without an interview.

You’re not looking for a job.
But you are looking to be hired. By your ideal clients.

Could YOU do this?

I don’t do proposals and I don’t suggest you do either.

But I know some of you do them anyway.

Could you create your next proposal or marketing piece in some super creative way?

Could YOU create a magazine cover?

Or a cereal box?

Or a chocolate bar wrapper?


Or a soup can label?

Or send an ipod with your proposal in audio form?

What can YOU do to stand out in a noisy marketplace?
What have you seen OTHER people do to stand out & attract clients?

The icing on the cake for this 21 year old is that he’s always going to be THE GUY who did this at age 21. This will keep him going for the rest of his professional career, although I have a feeling there’s going to be lots more innovation where that came from.

How can YOU do this?

[BIG thanks to Anne Thornley-Brown who brought this story (& chocolate bar resume) to my attention by posting in our Step Into The Spotlight! community on LinkedIn.]

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Gary Vaynerchuk Shows LEADERS How to Handle a PUBLICITY CRISIS with Authenticity

Cannes InviteSo, they say it was NOT their team, (but rather someone who hired someone who hired someone on their behalf) who did this but the STINK of it is still adversely affecting Gary Vaynerchuk and his company.

Ad Week and Business Insider and everyone else is buzzing about the story that a party co-sponsored by Gary Vaynerchuk’s VaynerMedia sent out an email invitation to a Cannes Film Festival party that said “Please be aware that this specific list is for attractive females and models only.”

How did Gary Vaynerchuk respond? I can’t embed his video responses here, but they were short, to the point and sincere. He took responsibility and promised to get to the bottom of it. Click HERE to see Gary’s response on Twitter. Another short video response HERE: where he says he’s “mortified” and takes responsibility.

Did Gary Vaynerchuk display effective LEADERSHIP?

He personally reached out to those who commented and publicly apologized in short impromptu videos.
What more could he have done?

In my opinion, Gary Vaynerchuk responded to this difficult situation with dignity and integrity and authenticity.

How would YOU have handled this?

Please comment below.

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Is this Mock TRUMP Advertisement in BAD TASTE or BRILLIANT?

So, it was only a matter of time before companies started piggybacking on the media frenzy the Trump train has created.

Air Canada did it with a series of spots about people wanting to move to Canada. And now a camera company 360 fly is mocking Trump while promoting it’s super duper little camera.

So what do YOU think?
Bad taste (not sure Mexicans would like how they’re portrayed) or brilliant (muscling in on Trump’s spotlight to get attention for a camera)?

Bad taste? Brilliant? Or BOTH?
I never would have heard of or seen this camera if not for this ad. Will it make me buy it? Who knows?

Does this ad help or hurt the 360fly camera company? (I’ll bet lots of folks–like me– who hadn’t heard of them yesterday are giving them a plug and a link today.)

How ’bout the ad agency who created the spot, 180LA? They’re getting attention, too! Will it help them or hurt them?

How will Mexican Americans feel about this portrayal of them?

Is all publicity good publicity?
Love to hear your comments below!

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