Are YOU Speaking Corporate Gobbletygook?

In Step Into The Spotlight!, I listed the 16 words and phrases entrepreneurs should ban from their vocabulary. Some of them are in this fabulous vignette–actually a commercial for Avaya. Priceless.

Thanks to Mark Anthony Germanos from my LinkedIn Step Into The Spotlight! group for the head’s up on this hilarious ad!

How many of these have YOU said?

Does this ad OFFEND or AMUSE you?

Profanity, an arguably patronizing attitude towards the new employee (end of ad) and yet irreverent ads like this have propelled Dollar Shave Club to millions selling something you can buy yourself at the local dollar store or your neighborhood Walgreens. So, do you find it OFFENSIVE or AMUSING? More importantly, would YOU buy their stuff? (Thanks for the heads up, Sari Gabbay!)
Almost 20 million views on YouTube. Not too shabby!

What do you think of Political Ad: “Just Not Ready”?

A lot more clever than the average political attack ad. Regardless of your political leanings, I think most people will be impressed by the interesting job interview angle.

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What are the most powerful TV COMMERCIALS you’ve seen lately? Here’s one.

The Salvation Army has launched one of the most powerful commercials I’ve seen in years. Really makes its point by mimicking all the other commercials we’re watching and then slapping us in the face with the reality we may be shutting our eyes to. What other powerful commercials have you seen?

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