My friend, Lee Milteer, invites you to a free webinar to Reclaim the Magic on May 14th! Be there!

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You know I’m always telling you about other experts out there who can help you step into the spotlight. But before you can step into the spotlight, you have to know what you want and you have to believe it’s possible to get it. You have to have faith that you can manifest the life of your dreams and you know to know HOW to do it.

My friend Lee Milteer is a master at manifesting the life of your dreams. Her life has not been easy, but she’s a maverick and if anyone can inspire you to go for it, it’s Lee. She’s even written a book on how to Reclaim the Magic.

So join Lee in a free webinar where she’ll show you how to do just that. It’s May 14, 2015. Grab all the details at

See you in the spotlight!


What are the most powerful TV COMMERCIALS you’ve seen lately? Here’s one.

The Salvation Army has launched one of the most powerful commercials I’ve seen in years. Really makes its point by mimicking all the other commercials we’re watching and then slapping us in the face with the reality we may be shutting our eyes to. What other powerful commercials have you seen?

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Things Go Better With COKE! How to Get Attention For Your Stuff!

Let’s file this under “What will they think of next?” I was clearing out a cabinet in my office and pulled out 4 cool aluminum curvy coke bottles and asked my daughter what we could use them for. The obvious was lamps but they weren’t wide bottomed enough, maybe candlesticks but still too tipsy. Put them in the “figure out to do with these” pile. Two days later, my daughter, Aviva, sent me a post about how coke has developed a cool series of 16 bottle caps to make their bottles stick around forever as ketchup bottles, paintbrushes etc. coke bottle topsCouple this with a talk I heard from Dan Kennedy the other day about how he wants to move in with his clients (have his mug on their desk, his books on their book shelves, always be top of mind) and I thought this is pretty clever on Coke’s part.
Check it out here!

Is size FAT a brilliant marketing move or PR disaster?

Every time I go shopping with my daughters, I tell them that in my day there was no size 2, definitely no size zero. Who are we kidding?size fat Well here’s a Japanese company that’s decided to tell it like it is with sizes skinny, fat, jumbo etc. Now I’ve carried extra weight in my time and it’s always a battle for me so there’s no way I’d cozy up to a size “Fat”. And despite the protests of this company, I doubt it’s a supportive move for the voluptuous amongst us. But as a marketer, I have to admire the brilliance of this move from a publicity standpoint. Here I am in Canada reading about it, commenting about it here and in my Step Into The Spotlight! group on Linkedin. They’re definitely getting extra eyeballs as a result. And in marketing and publicity that is what it’s about, attracting attention. Good marketers aren’t afraid to polarize their audience. So are you offended or impressed or BOTH?

Do You Show Up Late at Networking Meetings to Avoid the 30 Second Infomercial?

Lots of people do! Just received a new book in the Step Into The Spotlight! reviews stack from speaker and coach Fred E. Miller, all about how to build your “elevator speech” floor by floor.

His approach is a little different than mine but found some great stuff here like on page 12 where he quotes “Don’t spend major time on minor possibilities”. He’s right. He suggests that the goal of the face to face “elevator speech” is to either disqualify the person or get interrupted by the person who wants to arrange to meet in the next few days. Makes sense. It’s important to polarize your audience and to sift and sort and only focus where it makes sense to focus.
No Sweat Elevator Speech

And Fred makes a very important point that one has to distinguish between the “speech” you give one on one and that you give to a group. Have you ever had someone dump his or her whole 30 seconds on you face to face. Really weird!

Fred suggests keeping it conversational. Great advice. “You never want to be too smooth when delivering any presentation. It’s not a good way to relate to people. Struggling and sometimes stumbling is human. Those are frailties we can all relate to.” Yup.

Grab a copy of No Sweat Elevator Speech!, a quick easy read.

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