Should Hillary Clinton pick Mark Cuban as her potential VP?

Mark Cuban with Hillary and TrumpIn a reality TV era, does a conventional candidate like Hillary Clinton stand a chance? Yeah she’s a woman & we’ve never had one of those as President of the United States of America but there seems to be more energy and momentum around each of her 2 opponents (one Democratic and one Republican) than her.

Donald Trump, love him or hate him is exciting to watch. You never know what he’s going to say or do. This is not just my opinion. CNN aired a scientific experiment where supporters of various Presidential candidates (back when there were more) had their brain activity tested while exposed to the candidates.

The one consistent result was that ALL brains lit up for Donald Trump, whether the people attached to those brains like him or not.

So, now the rumor is floating around that billionaire Mark Cuban might be considered as a potential VP running mate for Hillary. Pretty sure he could light up some brains with activity too!

So, what do you think? Would this be a good marketing move for Hillary’s less than sexy campaign?

In Trump’s case, people are worried about his lack of experience so he needs to find someone solid for VP. Hillary doesn’t have to do that. She just needs someone to add more excitement to hers.

And if Trump’s claim to fame is economic–after all he became a billionaire, Cuban can claim the same thing, probably without the 1 million dollar loan from his father.

I’m asking this as a MARKETING & PUBLICITY question only. No need to share what your politics are. In an election cycle where it’s all about media and sizzle, would this be a good MARKETING move for Hillary?

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Hold On: The Property Brothers’ BRAND–Does this add or detract?

I love HGTV’s Property Brothers (Jonathan Scott and Drew Silver Scott) and all the other spin offs.
Who doesn’t love watching them turn a shack into a chic shack? So naturally my daughter sent me this video.

My question is does it ADD or detract from their brand in the marketplace?

At this point, I think if you’re a fan, you’ll love it.
I loved seeing another side of them–you can notice the difference in their voices.

What do you think?

Is HUMOR Mightier Than the Sword?

Is Humor mightier than the sword? Which of these 2 videos will have more impact with respect to people’s views on Donald Trump?

A) Newest Advertisement using Trump’s Words About Women.

B) SNL Skit Where Melania exposes Trump’s vulnerablities.

If YOU were in charge of advocating this position would you:

a) Use HUMOR to expose vulnerabilities OR

B) Create a SERIOUS attack ad using Trump’s own words?

Which is more powerful in swaying people’s opinion. Why?

NOTE: This is not a political discussion but rather one about marketing, advertising, humor and influence. I could have just as easily used Democratic examples except there are none as hilarious! (Feel free to post links to similar examples on the Dem side if you can find it.)

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Jimmy Kimmel announces he’s running for VP of USA! Can YOU do this?

It’s official. It was even on C.N.N. with Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. Doesn’t get any more official than that.

Late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, is running for Vice President of the United States of America. He hasn’t decided which party he’s running with yet, perhaps he’ll go solo or perhaps he’ll run with both, reasoning that he’ll increase his chances by keeping his options open.

Wolf Blitzer asked: “Do you think you’re making a mockery of this election?”

Kimmel: “I think it’s too late for anyone to do that, Wolf.”

This is another BRILLIANT example of Piggyback PUBICITY.

This is something I report on often, examples of Piggyback Publicity, the act of gaining media attention by hooking on to what everyone is currently talking about and diverting a bit of that spotlight in your direction.

It’s not like Jimmy Kimmel is low on attention, but why not get a few days of front page headlines and TV coverage? Even CNN scored a few extra points with this one, using its straight faced news anchors to help deliver this stunt.

Anyone can do this!

Can’t promise you’ll end up on CNN but stranger things have happened. You can get media attention for your business by hooking on to what’s going on “out there”. Like the ordinary guy in Cape Breton who offered US citizens a place to move to if Trump gets elected. He and Cape Breton got tons of media attention.

How can YOU as an expert, entrepreneur or business owner attract a little Piggyback Publicity attention to your business?

Ask yourself this question every times you read or hear the news.

Have you ever done this?

Have you seen other examples?

Share your stories and ideas in the comments below.

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How can a FOOT turn into a best-selling BOOK? (How nuts is this?)

“You can take a BRICK, slap it between a provocative front and back cover with a great title, add some strong endorsements and your book will sell.” brick

That’s exactly what I told the participants in my Book Creation Workshop the first time I ran it a few years ago. It’s certainly not something I recommend or teach. Write a cool book! I was just trying to make a point about the importance of a good title and cover and great endorsements.

About the brick, I was joking. Almost…

Turns out I was righter than I thought!


Enter entrepreneur and marketer, Brent Underwood, who, just a few months ago, was frustrated (or perhaps amused) by the fact that any Tom Dick or Harry can claim to be a best-selling author nowadays. To prove his point, Brent took a photo of his left foot, made it into a book cover, slapped on a title, Putting My Foot Down, and uploaded his new 1 page book to Amazon. You get to choose categories on Amazon, so he chose a couple where there wasn’t likely to be much competition. One of the categories he chose was Freemasonry–not a ton of competition.

He got his Mom to buy 2 copies and by the time the 3rd copy was sold, Brent Underwood was an Amazon best-selling author, as proven by the orange “Amazon Best-Seller” label Amazon put up next to his book.

Result, this story has received international attention; he’s got attention from The New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, The Paris Review and it looks like there may be a “real book” in the works based on this story.

So… moral of the story time… (You choose.)

A) Truth is stranger than fiction
B) Best-Seller status is B.S.
C) Creative irreverent action can attract international publicity
D) Put a brick between 2 covers, add endorsements & great title; it’ll sell.
E) All of the above
F) Other ______________(Specify in the comments below.

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What do APPLE & Donald TRUMP Have in Common?

trumpapple1_3579224kDespite his recent widely reported but short lived boycott of Apple products, Donald Trump does have ONE thing in common with Apple, (the computer company, not the fruit).

Apple & Trump are both masterful at branding & positioning their competitors!

Apple did it with a series of MAC vs PC commercials where they branded & positioned PCs as cumbersome, clumsy, outdated & complicated while contrasting Apple as being cool.

Love him or hate him (never was a phrase more apt than for The Donald), Donald Trump has succeeded, with absolutely no attempt or aptitude for nuance or subtlety, to brand his opponents as “Low energy, Jeb” (Bush), “Little Mario” (Rubio), “Lyin’ Ted” (Cruz) and as one after the other these competitors fall by the wayside (we’ll see what happens to Cruz on Tuesday), Trump is now starting in on “Crooked Hillary”.

Trump knows what he’s doing. He does it deliberately and even openly brags about his success at branding his fellow candidates in this way.

Blatant or not, it seems to be working.

Trump even made a joke in a recent speech about how well it’s working. He joked about how one of Cruz’s colleagues might pass him in the corridor and matter of factly and nonchalantly greet him, “Hi, Lyin’ Ted!” Trump even spelled it out “l-y-i-n-apostrophe” in a recent speech, in case anyone hadn’t cemented it firmly enough in his mind up to that point.

Most branding experts define branding as your audience’s perception of you, or as Al Ries and Jack Trout (authors of Postitioning) might say “the position you occupy in your prospect’s mind”.

That said, while your branding is never totally in your own control, there’s a lot you can do to influence it.

What happens if you don’t?

You leave the door open for one of your competitors to do it for you! That’s what Apple did to the PC. That’s what Trump is doing with his competitors.

Have YOU created a position for yourself in the marketplace?

Or are you leaving a door open for your competitors to do it for you?

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Marketers, could YOU sell an UGLY FISH as Chilean Sea Bass?

chilean sea bass
Marketers, could you turn an ugly fish into Bon Appetit’s Dish of the Year?

I was watching a webinar from persuasion genius, Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything. This book should be read once a year. (Or once a week!) I can’t tell you how often I dare my peeps to adopt even a small fraction of his suggestions. Not easy. Takes guts. But so brilliant!

Just paused replay to post this after his discussion of “frame control”.

Oren asks: How can you reframe a Killer Whale? Call it a Sea Panda. Brilliant!

Reminded me of the “marketing invention”, Chilean Sea Bass.

Previously known as Antartic Toothfish or (Patagonian Toothfish) according to a fascinating article at, Chilean Sea Bass is not bass at all, but cod.

Sounds a bit sexier on a restaurant menu than “toothfish” doesn’t it?

But the Chilean Sea Bass didn’t make its debut in restaurants.
It was used, according to the Priceonomics article, as fish sticks until years later it ended up eventually being served on the fancy shmancy plates at The Four Seasons Hotel. Quite a rise in status, no? How did it happen?


I’ll bet some of the marketers of the Presidential candidates wish they could repackage their candidates as well as these guys rebranded an ugly fish!

Can YOU reframe whatever it is YOU sell? How?

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