Which One Is The MOM? (And why should YOU care?)

Mom and Twins

This photo of a Mom and her twin daughters has gone viral with over 60,000 likes and over 33,000 re-tweets and counting since it was posted just a few days ago. Why should YOU care?

If you’re in business in the areas of cosmetics, natural health, veganism, vitamins, skin care, acne cream, raw food or documentary films in any of those areas, you might be able to be able to score an interview with the Mom (if you can figure out which one she is) and ask her to spill her secrets.

If you’re in business in the areas of marketing, publicity, social media, advertising, etc., you can use this as an example of what captures people’s interest and suggest ways people can learn from it.

If you’re an exec at Dove or Olay or whatever goop people are putting on their faces these days or a muckety-muck at Dannon or Activia Yogurt or whatever goop people are putting in their mouths these days, you may want to be all over this, signing the trio for a commercial or a print ad for your product. Like the famous line in When Harry Met Sally, photos like this tend to provoke the “I’ll have what she’s having” effect.

So 2 Questions:

1. How could YOU use this photo in YOUR business (as I just did by posting this)?

2. Which one is the Mom? (No cheating guys!) Proud to say I guessed right.

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Are You 50 Shades of SMART?

If you are, you’ll find a way to step into the spotlight by piggybacking on someone else’s fame.

Like Marlon Wayans did with his new movie, 50 Shades of Black spoofing the popular movie & book, 50 Shades of Grey.
Or F.L. Fowler’s Cook Book 50 Shades of Chicken.
50 Shades of Chicken

It’s brilliant ’cause all you have to do is hitch your train car to a car that’s already moving full speed ahead. You don’t have to start the momentum, just ride it.

This is what speaker coach, Dottie Walters did years ago with her book, Speak and Grow Rich, piggybacking on the famous and familiar Napoleon Hill book, Think and Grow Rich. There have been zillions of other versions of that written by various people, including Inc and Grow Rich about incorporating your business.

Just saw a movie last night called Touch of Pink, a movie about a gay couple which had many references to the Cary Grant Doris Day movie, That Touch of Mink. A movie or book title that has a familiar ring to it, or references or pays homage to a popular movie or book, has a leg up on one starting from scratch.

Jane Atkinson sought from David Chilton after she followed his popular book, The Wealthy Barber, with her book, The Wealthy Speaker. Not sure if that’s necessary but it doesn’t hurt to make nice with those bringing you free name recognition. It’s a tactic all entrepreneurs should consider when naming their stuff.

Is there an name YOU can use that will bring you extra attention by piggybacking on something popular? You can even use a synonym. Not sure which came first, Nerds on Site or Geeks R Us, but one boosts the other just like Rent a Husband and Husband for Hire. I might not be thrilled if I were the first to launch of the latter pair because the names are so similar they might cause confusion in the marketplace and one always has to be cognizant of Passing Off laws which might prevent some choices. (I always wondered about Master Donut and Mister Donut.)

So the intent is not to confuse or mislead anyone, but rather to cash in on or piggyback on the attention someone else has already attracted by standing in the reflected glow of their spotlight.

Can you share other examples of this?
How might YOU use this tactic in your business?

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Are Advertisers Big Fat LIARS?

OR do they just have more INSIGHT than we do?
What ARE people are REALLY buying?

For those of you who enjoyed my recent post Sunkist’s “Not Your Mother’s Grapefruit”, get this! General Mills comes out with this cereal, Total Blueberry and Pomegranate.

Does it have blueberries in it? Not so much.
Pomegranates? Nope.

What are we really buying? Blueberries or a FEELING?

Enjoy this HILARIOUS video about the cereal (there actually was a law suit) and then comment below about whether advertisers (and manufacturers of products like this one) are merely liars OR just a lot smarter than us about WHY we buy and what we’re REALLY buying. Enjoy!


Not Your Mother's Grapefruit 001

Seriously, Sunkist?

“Not your mother’s grapefruit”?

You’ve re-invented the grapefruit?

We get that you couldn’t stick “New & Improved” on the label like they do with laundry detergent, but “The Health and Beauty of the Modern Grapefruit”?

I bought 5 bags of these MODERN grapefruits this morning just in case my 4 millennial daughters don’t want to eat old fashioned grapefruits!

I’m not sure if the oranges, apples and bananas I bought were the MODERN kind or the OLD FASHIONED kind, but I did cut off the label and scan it so I could share this with those of you who love advertising chutzpah as much as I do.

They could have gone the other way, the nostalgia route, like Smuckers and Kraft and Schneider’s:

They did hedge their bets and kinda cover both bases with the younger woman on the left and 50’s retro Mom on the right.

Kinda makes me smile and roll my eyes thinking of the Mad Men sitting in their offices, slugging back a few and coming up with this stuff which makes its way onto real live grocery store products. And they get paid to do it. Now, that’s a fun gig!

And it probably works. After all, I’m pretty sure the copywriter who came up with “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” doubled shampoo sales for the rest of eternity!

So, do YOU think advertisers think we’re STUPID? Comment below

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