Bill Clinton says Trump is a “Master Brander”. Do you agree?

Why is the TV show Jeopardy ALWAYS making the news?

jeopardyToday the headline on my AOL homepage was “Jeopardy! contestant makes history by forcing Alex Trebek to say ‘Turd Ferguson'”. This is NEWS? O.K. so maybe it’s mildly amusing that the contestant got Alex Trebek to make reference to a fictional SNL character who appears in a Jeopardy skit. But this is not a one off.

The first few times I saw items about Jeopardy, I thought there was something really newsmaking. Now I’m guessing they just have a really well connected publicist on staff.

This Jeopardy item made it to CNN (competing with the coverage of last night’s second Republican debate starring The Donald).

I suggest you wait for something more news-worthy than this, but you can make this happen in your business with strategic use of Press Releases accurately targeted to the right media.

How often should you send out a press release?

Depends on your circumstances. You do not have to send out a media alert every time you get a haircut. (Unless your last name is Bieber.)

So, question: How often do YOU send out a Press Release for your stuff?

Will you be playing GOP BINGO while watching the Republican Debate tonight?

Special edition of Buzzword Bingo: Politics edition: state of union bingoThanks to Paul Copcutt from my Step Into The Spotlight! group on Linkedin for posting a link to this Bingo card!

Canadian Election Polite Attack Ads Heat Up!

2 months ago, I shared with you the political attack ad, “Just Not Ready” in which the Conservatives skewered Liberal Candidate Justin Trudeau with a mock resume review meeting. The wound was precise and hit its mark. The Liberal response of Justin trying to defend himself didn’t take away the sting at all. But now the NDP is parodying that ad with an attack on the Conservatives who threw the first punch. Would this second ad be more powerful if they did not make a suggestion of an alternative leader at the end, making it more like a typical election ad? What do you think?

What do you think about NBC choosing Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice?

Will you watch?

President Obama Teasing Donald Trump

It was 4 years ago, but it doesn’t get old. Humor is a powerful way of dealing with one’s critics. This short speech is priceless, especially at the end–get a look at Obama’s take on a new White House under Trump. This was filmed at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011. Is it proper for a reigning President to be roasting a future contender for President? What do you think.

Jimmy Fallon plays Donald Trump: Will Trump’s Performance Help or Hurt Him?

Will this skit with Jimmy Fallon playing Trump help or hurt The Donald in his bid for the Republican spot on the ballot? 1.7 million views in just one day and counting. He knows how to stay in front of his audience. But will the gentle mocking help or hurt him? [Thanks for sending me the skit, Lomes!]

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