Come join me with Marylou Tyler on her Predictable Prospecting podcast

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Want to know how to get noticed in business?

Come join me with Marylou Tyler on her Predictable Prospecting Podcast.


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How do you shake old branding that is working AGAINST you? Will this work for Philip Morris?

Philip Morris sells cigarettes.

That’s what they do.

They brought us The Marlboro Man, the guy every woman swooned over and every man wanted to be.

That was then.

This is now.

Philip Morris wants to give up smoking.

Philip Morris wants to shake off the whole cigarette thing altogether.

That’s what they said in their recent advertisement in the UK.

Will it work?

Or are they about 50 years too late?

Can a company ever shake off a brand that it has invested so much in promoting?

Is their motivation suspect since they waited until the invention of e-cigarettes?

What do you think?

See you in the spotlight!


Is Pizza Hut NUTS? Or do we really all need to order pizza by pressing a button on our shoes?

So, this is real. Pizza Hut has launched a pair of running shoes, yup, what our parents used to call “sneakers” that allows you to order a pizza from the comfort of your–shoes! You don’t gotta go no place, you don’t gotta do nothing, just press a button on your shoes (once you tie in your smart shoes with your smart phone) and there’s even a default order in case all you have the energy for is to press the button.

Me, I’ll wait for Sushi Shoes, but I gotta take my hat off to Pizza Hut, not for the shoes but for knowing how to stay in the NEWS!

First learned of this through Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show monologue last week and looked it up. Yup. It’s a thing.

Remember when Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone seemed far fetched on Get Smart?

Is Pizza Hut nuts or brilliant?

What can YOU do to be newsworthy?

See you in the spotlight!

[Photo: Edgar Alvarez]

Sweet Jesus! Was Oscar Wilde right about publicity?

So, I’m walking down Bloor Street in Toronto headed to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants when I see an ice cream parlour called–what? Sweet Jesus. What’s that got to do with ice cream?

Didn’t give it much thought till I saw a post by Jeremy Miller, author of Sticky Branding on LI saying there had been a big backlash so did a bit more investigation. Reminded me a bit of the Big Ass Fans story, only kicked up a notch since it seems to be crossing a religious red line.

The CBC in Toronto has a story about Christians boycotting the chain.

Didn’t bother me much but I do recognize that there are lines that are best not crossed.

To me, a Soup Nazi Deli would be obscene.Seinfeld had quite a hit with that character on his hit show, so much so that people are calling themselves Fitness Nazi etc. Not a word to be tossed about.

So, what do you think?

Does a Sweet Jesus ice cream parlour offend?

Was Oscar Wilde right, all publicity is good publicity?

Should they keep the name anyway, if nothing else, for the attention it is getting them?

How can you find a NEW angle on an OLD business like DriveHer did?

How can YOU find a new angle on an old business?

First there were taxis. (And buses if you don’t mind sharing.)

Then there was Uber. And Lyft. Ridesharing apps.

But still sometimes creepy to get into a strange unmarked car with a stranger, no?

Just did this the other night and it reminded me of the olden days when I used to eat hamburgers.

You gotta suspend…well you gotta forget you know the details of how it got from the ranch to the bun.

It’s kinda like that hopping into a black Honda with a stranger ’cause it’s a bit cheaper than the marked taxi cabs.

Enter DriveHer.

It’s a new ride sharing app, probably like Uber or Lyft (haven’t researched it yet) but here’s the twist.

All the drivers are women.

And the passengers are going to be women.

Not sure if it’ll cost more (that may be a factor in its success or failure or it may not).

After all, Kiddie Cabbie charges more but we expect that ’cause it’s a transportation service to take our kids to school and back.

So, Uber & Lyft focused on being cheaper & faster to arrive than taxis. (And you get to watch the route he travels and see his name and photo on your smart phone.)

And you get to prepay online, so no exchange of money, no payment interaction with the driver at all. Good for driver. Good for you.

Kiddie Cabbie focused on kids and kid safety.

And now Drive Her (there is another company called Lady Drive Her as well) focuses on women driving women, again a safety and comfort level thing.

Why are we talking about this?

‘Cause you might think you’ve figured out every angle on your business, but trust me on this, you haven’t.

There IS another angle.

One that will get you media attention.

One that will get you noticed.

One that will make you stand out.

One that will make you more attractive to a certain segment of the population.

And it’s up to YOU to figure out what that is.


P.S. Of course, there will be controversy around this. Cries of discrimination. Can you discriminate against whom you accept as a customer? Can you discriminate in hiring? Isn’t this something the civil rights movement fought against in the 60’s and women’s lib movement in the 70’s? The fact that there will be controversy is just one more reason more people will hear about this, it’ll be the subject of call in shows on talk radio etc. Can YOU come up with an angle that will get you noticed?

Do you ever worry that if you share all your marketing secrets with the world, they won’t work any more?

Stu Heinecke, author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone and host of the new podcast of the same name, got me to spill the beans on something I don’t think I’ve ever shared in a podcast before, something I have done to create a bit of celebrity at conferences.

You can hear what it is here, in the latest episode of Stu’s podcast.

What tactics have YOU used to get noticed?

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