Would YOU Trust a Girl Scout? Reviewing the Review of the Girl Scout Cookies

So, I was telling one of my favorite clients, (you’re all my favorites! LOL), the lovely Diane Koz, about Mike Rowe’s viral video about a Girl Scout reviewing Girl Scout Cookies as part of her sales pitch and we started laughing about how someone should review the reviewer. And that’s exactly what Diane did. She did her own review of the cookies. Enjoy!

By the way, Diane Koz does reviews of non-girl-scout related stuff as well, so add your suggestions for upcoming reviews in the comments below.

Disney Stickers on a Dole Banana? Is nothing sacred?

Is nothing sacred?
Can a person not eat a piece of fruit any more, without being marketed to?

Years ago, songwriter, Nancy White, lamented about the annoying task of having to deal with Stickers on Fruit in her album and song of the same name.

We’re used to that by now.

A grapefruit usually has a little bar code or number so the cashier knows how much to charge us.

And it tells us where the fruit is from in case we’re currently boycotting their California grapes or South African green apples.


Advertising on fruit?
We’re used to that too.

Taking a interchangeable commodity item (I wonder if they grow on the same trees) & branding it.

We’re supposed to believe that a Chiquita banana is VASTLY different than a Dole banana.
OK. Fine.

But get a look at what I found on my banana 2 minutes ago.

An advertisement for Disney’s Beauty & the Beast on a banana?
Seriously, folks?

OK, so we’ve gotten used to restaurant ads in public schools and night club restrooms.
But bananas? A pure, innocent, picked-from-nature banana?

So, why am I sharing this with you?

It got me thinking of the zillions of ways there are to reach other people’s audiences by riding along with their message.

We’ve seen how McDonald’s makes special cups and toys to coincide with releases of new movies.

The fulfillment house that sends out my program’s audio CDs allows us to pay to place our postcards in other people’s out-going packages.

It’s clear the opportunities are endless.

How can YOU ride along on someone else’s platform and reach that new audience?

Something to think about, no?

Comment below & let me know if you’ve ever done this OR if you’ve seen other great examples.

Ciao for now.

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Still not using HUMOR in your marketing?

Love this T-Mobile commercial!!!

Humor can make a point WAY better than teaching and preaching.

How can you do this in YOUR business?

Great way to put your competitors in their place without creating animosity of a full frontal attack.

Do YOU use humor in YOUR marketing?

Tsufit is the author of the irreverent marketing book, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed

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Have you seen this Fact-Checker song spoof re truth in the Trump era?

Have you seen this Randy Rainbow video parody on Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and the Trump administration?

Heard this on CBC, Canada’s national radio station, last night. They played the song only, which starts about a minute in. It illustrates a point I made in my book, Step Into The Spotlight!, which is that sometimes the best way to make a point is with humor. Fan of The President or not, hard not to find song hilarious.

Many of my readers are in the communications and marketing business, students of influence & persuasion techniques, perhaps you.
But many limit themselves to how to make a better speech.

Would YOU dare to use humor like THIS to make a point in YOUR business?

Love to hear your comments.

(Let’s focus on the issues of communication, influence, marketing etc rather than the politics behind the players, ok?)

Tsufit is the author of the award-winning book, Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed. Grab Tsufit’s 11 free Spotlight Secrets series re how to stand out in just 30 seconds at www.SpotlightSecrets.com


Are YOU as brutally honest with prospects as this Girl Scout selling cookies?

Check out this hilarious video of Mike Rowe reading a letter from a Girl Scout to her dad’s rich friend trying to pitch him on buying girl scout cookies.

There’s nothing like the sincerity of kids.
We should remember & incorporate some of this as entrepreneurs.

Nothing like admitting a vulnerability to win the trust of your prospects.

Nothing like a bit of honest to make something go viral.


Should Brands Get POLITICAL?

Have you seen the latest Budweiser commercial slotted for the 2017 Super Bowl?

The spot emphasizes that the brand was created by an immigrant, who is welcomed with cries of “Go back home!” clearly making a political statement in the light of the recent US election.

It appears to be directly taking on Trump’s recent executive order but according to Market Watch, Budweiser says that this was in the works before all that (and clearly they couldn’t have made this elaborate spot in just days since Trump’s controversial executive order).

So questions.

Does it help the brand?

Does it hurt the brand?

Does it matter?

Should brands be making political statements? Yes or no? Why or why not?

What do you think?

Is this a moral imperative or dangerous territory for a brand?

Would YOU put YOUR brand behind a political statement?

Or is this not a political statement at all?

Please comment below.

Huge thanks to author and brand guru, Martin Lindstrom, for the heads up on this commercial and another provocative Super Bowl 2017 commercial by a lumber company about Mexicans and the wall.

Tsufit is the author of Step Into The Spotlight! : A Guide to Getting Noticed. Grab Tsufit’s 11 free Spotlight Secrets series re how to stand out & get noticed in business in just 30 seconds at www.SpotlightSecrets.com

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