Do You Think SILK Paid for Product Placement in this CNN spot about a 100 year old surgeon?

Did SILK shell out for this? How about Cherrios? (Also, visible, but a bit less so.) What do you think? Did SILK or Cherrios pay for this implied endorsement or is this just what happened to be on the Doc’s table when they filmed? Thanks to LB for sending this video my way.

Is This NEWS Item Actually an Ad for TRUMP in Disguise?

Trump HatJust saw a “news” item telling me that it’s illegal for Canadians to buy Donald Trump’s red Make American Great Again cap. Illegal! Why? ‘Cause purchases are considered by US law to be Campaign Contributions or so says The Huffington Post citing a recent report on CTV news. The idea is that non-US citizens should not be able to contribute to and potentially influence US Presidential campaigns. Seems to make some sense, the idea that the U.S. doesn’t want other countries to be able to purchase presidents. The most interesting part of this is that the Huffington post article contains THIS LINK to the Donald J. Trump store (didn’t know there was one) where one can shell out $25 bucks to buy this hat or the Camouflage Version for $30 bucks . Didn’t take it beyond the Shopping Cart to see if in fact I would be able to purchase one (I can think of 5,362,231 things I’d rather do with $25 bucks), but I imagine many Canadians will try, just to see if they can.

I wonder if a Canadian manufacturer is going to jump on this and produce a non-campaign funding version here in Canada for those who want it (if there are such beings in Canada). Not sure if the Trump campaign would support of block such an initiative.

Sometimes being told one cannot do something is the biggest sales come-on. Curious as to who is behind this news item. Is is possible it originated with the Trump camp? No idea, but sure would love to find out. Not sure if this originated in the mind of a Publicist but it it did, hats off to you!

NOTE: Nothing in this post should be seen as an endorsement of The Donald, his campaign, his policies, his wall or his stuff! The links to his store are NOT intended to encourage anyone to buy anything, just to see what’s being discussed.

A Refreshing Take on Advertising to Women

How Can YOU Attract Some PIGGYBACK PUBLICITY by Commenting on this “News” Item?

blog skirtSo a 17 year old was reprimanded and suspended for wearing a rather drab ordinary looking skirt that was deemed “too short” by one of her teachers. She lashes back publicly and makes the news–even! (Click on the link for the story)

OK, so here’s a Challenge. Whenever I see something interesting in the news, I immediately wonder which of my clients could get some “Piggyback Publicity” by commenting publicly. Who could benefit? Perhaps an expert in human rights, psychology, a lawyer, a fashion expert, a child self-esteem counselor, a suicide prevention hotline…. Maybe a clothing retailer or even a cell phone company whose target market consists of 17 year old high school students.

Could YOU promote your company or your brand by commenting?

Perhaps you’re the author of a book on the public school system or respect or abuse of authority or publicity seekers or leadership or what’s wrong or right with youth today.

Could you attract some publicity? If not you, which professions or companies could? You can hear the story by clicking on the link below but I’ve pretty much given you the scoop so list your ideas for which experts could benefit by commenting below! Perhaps YOU!

What Do You Think of Mattel’s New BARBIE Commercial?

Thanks to Janina Gulck from my Step Into The Spotlight! group on Linkedin for the headsup on the cool commercial! So, what do you think? Is it aimed at the parents or the kids? Is it manipulative? Is it refreshing? 10 million views–nothing to sneeze at. Is this commercial positive or negative? Reinforcing stereotypes or just plain empowering? Annoying? What do YOU think?

Marketing: Should Lawyers Be ORANGE?

Saw an bright orange sign as I was driving recently that said either “” or “” or some such thing and I thought it was an interesting departure from Smarter, Bigger and Rich LLP. Couldn’t find their sign online to share with you, but here is what I did find:


So, what do you think? Would this attract your attention?

Would you hire them?

Should lawyers be ORANGE?

Bill Clinton says Trump is a “Master Brander”. Do you agree?

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